For second time, complaint against Redeemer's Metro NY Presbytery is found out of order...

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(Tim) The panel of the PCA's Standing Judicial Commission assigned to hear the complaint related to woman officers in the PCA (originally filed against Metro New York Presbytery) has found the complaint out of order, judicially. Previously, the officers of the Standing Judicial Commission found the complaint out of order, administratively.

But with regard to the original ruling, the full Standing Judicial Commission overruled their officers' judgment. This led to the complaint being assigned to a three-man panel.

With this panel renewing earlier efforts to find the complaint out of order, once again we await possible action of the full SJC at their March meeting.

Let's pray the full SJC overrules this judgment as they did the first, and then brings itself forthrightly to address the unconstitutional practices of woman officers the complaint is seeking to see remedied within our doctrinal fellowship.