Leaving sphere sovereignty in the dust, back to those Dark Ages...

(Tim, w/thanks to Kamilla) From London's Daily Mail, this Valentine from Anglican Rector Angus MacLeay and Curate Mark Oden who both called for wives to submit to their husbands. How did their female parishioners respond?

One huffed: "How can they talk that way in the 21st Century?"

Another, who wished to remain anonymous, said: "We’re supposed to let our husbands talk for us and remain silent? What kind of medieval sermon is that?"


Well-known feminist, Bishop N. T. Wright, has initiated disciplinary procedures against both men.



Also from the article:

A woman of 24 who was at the sermon said: ‘Isn’t it a vicar’s job not to tell you what everyone wants to hear and what society says, but to help explain (what) the Bible says about issues?’


Please do pray for us here in the UK, and especially for pastors to hold fast to what the Scripture says and to have the courage and faithfulness to proclaim it.

I know Mark Oden (the curate who preached the sermon in the article), and he is a really great guy with a fantastic heart to preach the gospel. Please uphold him and his family.

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