Church of the Good Shepherd's Drupal site goes up...

 CGSWebSite(Tim) Here's Church of the Good Shepherd's new web site, running in Drupal. Check it out. The work that's gone into the Drupal code, but also all the design, pics, and text, was a labor of love for many--as some of you know. Thank you Lucas and your wonderful team... you have questions about the Drupal code, feel free to send Lucas Weeks an e-mail. And if you have a suggestion or find an error, please let us know. Thanks.



Very cool interface!

woo-hoo, it's up!! It looks great.

I have no idea what Drupal is but it's a nice site.

Just an FYI, the site might be down for some people today, because we needed to make a last-minute DNS change.

The DNS is like magic. It's what makes the intertubes werk.

The sermon link and listening capability is a vast improvement, and the sound quality is better. Good job guys.

Does anyone really know what Drupal is? It's just that mysterious.

It looks great guys!

Thank you to Lucas, Ben, and everyone else who worked on the new design -- it looks awesome!

LOVE the picture!

I for one love the picture of Jon Crum on the Groups/Ministries page. I know that stare well. I love it because it frees me from having to take the website too seriously. And yes I even know what Drupal is, but I'm having a lot more fun learning Ruby in what little free time I have to program.

But for the testimony of 2-3 witnesses, I wouldn't have seen the new site. It didn't load properly the first time for some reason.

One other comment. When I came to the church two years ago, I was drawn by the website that stated (in either English or Latin): By Christ alone, By Faith alone, By grace alone, By Scripture alone, For the glory of God alone. I knew that any church that displayed the Reformation Solas so prominently would have to take their theology seriously. Now they are not there. I don't know where to put them but thought that worth commenting on.

I love it! I'll admit that I went through and clicked on every link, just to see it all. Well done, Lucas and all.


Your comment threw me off, since I was sure that I had seen the Five Sola's somewhere on the site. I checked this morning, and sure enough:



Much better than the last site!

Good work Joseph, Lucas and crew. It was good to chat with Joseph about this, and now to see it. I'm going to fool around some more with our WordPress install next week.

Great work on the site

Dear Camnio,

Checked out your own web design. Very nice work!


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