The beauty of Christian marriage brings cheer to Mayo Clinic...

(Tim, w/thanks to Doug) This Sunday, Mary Lee and I will celebrate our thirty-fourth wedding anniversary. If we reach their age, I'm trusting God He will give us the grace and sweet spirit toward one another of Marlow and Frances Cowan. Take the time to watch this video, then the one on the next page which is much shorter and delightful.

Now, this one:


A Bosendorfer --almost makes you want to go to Mayo. Almost.

But what a beautiful, sweet testimony and fun playing!!!

Him patting her on the backside on his way by while she is trying to guard it is just classic.

Happy Anniversary!

Agreed with Archie....and it almost seems a waste to put such a wonderful instrument as a Bosendorfer in a place where people ordinarily want peace and quiet!

Delightful! And she can't stop laughing at his antics, either.

What a way to brighten anyone's day! Marriage, music, and humor.

They remind me of Ginger's mom's parents.

We were visiting them and after they had a walk alone one night Howard said, "It was nice but Margie just kept wanting to smooch." She just rolled her eyes and grinned.

Signing on just to say what's already been the interview, I love her sweet spirit as she listens to him talk, only adding something when he looks to her for help. Then the little fanny pat is just precious. What a lovely testimony to God's faithfulness.

Well, I remember the two of you coming down the room after you got married to ... when I get older, losing my hair, many years from now... will you still be sending me a valentine, b-day greeting bottle of wine.. if I've been out to quarter to three would you lock the door. will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64.!!!

Happy anniversary just one question.. How come there is no Vera, Chuck, and Dave....

Hugs to both Suzi

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