HP's racism...

(Tim, w/thanks to Jeff E.) This one is funny.


I wonder if it tracks Asians.

You would wonder that, wouldn't you.


Dark skinned people are very difficult to photograph. Especially against a light background.

Take a Black woman in a white wedding dress. If you expose for detail in the dress, the woman's skin loses most of its detail (and sometimes silhouettes). You can average your exposure settings between the dress and skin to get an okay picture.

Black people tend to have oilier skin than white people that furthers the problem creating highlights.

I'd love to see the algorithm that can allow for all of the problems that come with photographing dark skinned people. Especially if it can allow facial recognition software to work fluidly between light and dark skinned people.

Wouldn't it be Microsoft and not HP that are "racist" seeing that the operation of the hardware is controlled by the software (Windows)?


Microsoft doesn't create the drivers. HP does.

Just to say that I loved this video because it's not precious about racial distinctions--particularly black and white. I've often said that we'll all know we're done with the white/black hatred when whites and blacks make fun of ourselves and one another, without fear.

This video is a good step in that direction.

Wouldn't artless be a good term to describe it? They seem utterly without artifice - and I thought it was funny in this age of pc-sensitivity that he simply said, "I'm black". Not "African-American" or "Afro-American" or any other silliness.


(European-American and they don't come much whiter)

Maybe the camera is male and it's just following the woman around? :) Maybe it's sexist, not racist.

BTW, I didn't mean that as a comment on authority, just the male eye following the female...

When we have a staff picture at TCCA, we always have problems. If you set the lighting to get the details of the faces of the black Africans, the white Americans end up looking like ghosts. And if you set things for the Americans, the Africans look indistinguishable.


Have you ever wondered why all Apple computers are.... WHITE? Well have you? have you?


Apples are definitely for the white man. Just look at their commercial guy who is supposed to be so cool and hip.

But, you wouldn't want him on your side in a bar fight, now would you.

If I were going to invent a computer, I would make my commercial guy Samuel L Jackson or Morgan Freeman. Now that's cool, baby....

Aside from the race issue, do the preceding comments make anyone else think of how wonderful and marvelous the human eye is? I certainly don't remember having the problems described with my vision. Mayhap the Creator still has a thing or two on his creature. ;-)

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