Avatar: "All creation groans..."

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(Tim) A friend writes: "These are actual quotes from people who have seen Avatar":

QUOTE: After reading though all 50 pages and debating if I should say

anything, I have decided that I will step up. I too have felt...different after watching Avatar. When the last scene

finished it felt like I woke up from a wonderful dream. At first I was

excited and full of energy but then I started to realize that none of

it was real and that I would never be able to visit Pandora or the

Na'vi. I have been feeling rather down every since and not much seems

to make it feel better, I just hope that it will leave in time. I am somewhat relieved to see that I am not the only one. It was

embarrassing for me to feel this way about a movie when no one else

around me felt the same. I constantly think about the movie wherever I

am, and doing so just makes everything seem so gray and sad. As dorky

as this sound there have been times where I just want to cry ><


do you guys also get the thoughts of sucidal? i dont mean to sound

creepy or emo...

but i kinda felt that humans are pathetic and my life

don't mean anything anymore after checking out how good the Na'vi

lives are.


I have the same feeling. but I also have the same feeling about

Neytiri i want her not a girl on our earth.

Son Joseph responds: "All creation groans under the curse. Being presented with utopias--even

if we know they're not real--is always going to make that more

pronounced. The Matrix did something similar to people. Interestingly,

the second movie revealed the dark underside of the utopia, which is

rare. I never watched the third movie."