Three days a-counting...

ChristmasSingalong (Tim) Only six days from now, next Friday evening beginning at 6:30 PM, the Good Shepherd Band, Good Shepherd Choir, Good Shepherd Symphony Orchestra (no kidding), and Good Shepherd Cookie Crums with special guest Hot Cocoa will be putting on the Third Annual Christmas Sing-a-Long.

It will all start with a bang when a composition of our own choirmeister, Phil Moyer, receives its world premier. Right here at Church of the Good Shepherd across from Karst Farm Park and just down the street from our very own SuperWalmart. (Eat your hearts out, Oxford and Cambridge.)

It won't be "saving the best for last" this year. Rather, "the early bird gets the worm."

Come one! Come all! Bring every last one of your roomates and friends and relatives and neighbors and co-workers!

Come as you are! And don't be late!


I'd drive a thousand miles for this event!


I just checked on plane fare -- just a whim since I *do* have the day off. Unfortunately, my budget for whims isn't that stretchable.

Some day we'll both be there!


I thought this event began at 7:30?

Actually, I told you early so you'll not miss the first piece.

For all you close-enough-to-drivers, this really is THE best Christmas gathering / worship service I have ever seen.


Wow! Really love the brochure design. Who did that? Very strikingly beautiful!

Dear Terri,

I'm quite sure that it was Ben Crum. He designs almost everything that goes out from ClearNote. He is VERY talented.

Go here to see some more of his work:

That is just the web design. The graphic design pieces like above that I have seen from him are even more striking.

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