"She always feels regret when she sees her husband with a black eye..."

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(Tim, w/thanks to Dan) The violence and victims literature tells us women are every bit as violent as men, and lesbian couples are the most violent of all. Even when asked to report on prior heterosexual relationships, lesbians report their present homosexual relationship to be more violent than any prior heterosexual relationship. I've written of this before, pointing out how religious feminists exploit spouse abuse as if it's a uniquely male crime and produced by biblical sexual order (hierarchy, that is).

This is one of the most wicked deceits of religious feminists, and many (if not most) of them do this knowingly. They are well aware women and mothers initiate violence and beat their husbands and children as often as husbands and fathers, but only the violence of men is of any use to them. So they write books about wife abuse--not spouse abuse--thereby exploiting half the victims of domestic violence for the sake of promoting their own rebellion against God.

Who cares about a man who lets a woman beat him up, anyhow; it's his own fault. If he were a real man, he'd put a stop to it, wouldn't he?

Well, as the new year approaches, here's a story that may serve as an encouragement to all those called to serve the church as elders, deacons, Titus 2 women, and pastors to ask couples in marital conflict if anyone is hitting anyone else? Never ask the wife without asking the husband, too. Our churches have many women who are given to violence against their husbands and children, and this needs correction and discipline every bit as much as violent husbands and fathers.