The Reformed doctrine of reaching down...

AaronJones (Tim, w/thanks to Ben Cr.) One of the more hidden members of Good Shepherd Band is Aaron Jones, an early music keyboardist who serves the Lord by "reaching down." What's the reference?

Check out his myspace Radio Friendly: American Pirates page--particularly his song, "Reach Down." (I also appreciated "I Shall Be Satisfied.")

Knowing many of our readers are forthrightly Reformed, I can anticipate objections to a Reformed man putting "the least of these" to song...

Pietistic moralism--not graceful at all--you might be tempted to say.

But of course, it was our Lord Himself Who commanded us to reach down.

So, dear brothers, if you want to hear those wonderful words, "Inasmuch as ye have done it to one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me," get busy reaching down. It's the Gospel.

* * *

By the way, here are a couple pages of pics from our Christmas Sing-a-long taken by our own Lucas Trout. He's available for freelance, and as you can see, quite good. Send him an e-mail.


Aaron, Mick, Lauren and Andrew performed as "Radio Friendly: Music for American Pirates" at my art show this summer. Their boldness to proclaim the gospel through gritty (but beautiful) folk / gospel songs was wonderful. I still reflect on how God allowed us to be "in the belly of the beast" (i.e. downtown Bloomington) at an art gallery, proclaiming Christ. On another night Aaron showed up for a demo I was doing and by the end of the night Aaron had the owner, who is Jewish, singing along with Amazing Grace. It has been a privilege to get to know Aaron these past six months. He is truly gifted by God.

(The band is also very gracious and patient. I owe them each a painting for performing that evening. The paintings exist in space and time, but they aren't done yet!)

I could probably write a small novel on how awesome Aaron is, and one chapter would definitely be about describing how fine a musician he is. Another chapter--the main one--would be about what an integral part he played in me coming to the faith. God used him mightily, and I thank Him often for bringing Aaron in to my life. You rock Aaron!

Thank I thank Aaron as well, my friend! So glad he played that part in your life.


The first time I heard "Reach Down" was Aaron singing it a capella...perhaps with a tambourine?...outdoors in downtown Bloomington -- it was the same event that David Baker talked about above. It was absolutely wonderful to hear the Gospel portrayed in a way that was both forthright and compelling. Aaron showed great courage that night -- God's praises can be sung and declared anywhere.

Another anecdote about Aaron: I don't know about everyone else, but my favorite moment of the entire Christmas Singalong last week was Aaron singing "Little Lamb" with the children. He was so tender with them. The whole concert was moving for me (my runner-up nominations would be the last verse of Hark the Herald Angels Sing and Phil's first arrangement), but Aaron's "Little Lamb" was the best. Modeling both the lion and the lamb--thank you, Aaron.

My son is wholly enamored with "Mr. Jones" after one short encounter. I'm certain he is not the only child Aaron has won over!

Thank you all for the kind far! That song, Reach Down and Touch the Pain - was reset from a song by Iris Dement. Like House of Gold, by Hank Williams, I'll often reset a song's text making it sound more primitive. (by changing the rhythm, tonality and melody). That song came to me while working on a sculpture project for an artist. Chiseling the excess off of a giant eel after it came out of its mold. It was highly unpleasant work...that eel sits inside of a Bass Pro somewhere in the country...and I got a song out of it, I suppose. - There's nothing like manual labor or mowing the yard for coming up with a song! - I added one bit of text to that song... "Sinner, listen to what I say - Scarcely the righteous will ever be saved..." You reformed folks are even influencing me!

Dear Aaron,

I will also use this opportunity to say that it has been a HUGE encouragement to see God bear fruit in your life. I'll save you the embarrassment of listing them off here, but there are many I can name.

Love you, brother!

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