Our soldiers are women...

WomanCombatant Behold, your people are women in your midst! The gates of your land are opened wide to your enemies... (Nahum 3:13a)

(Tim, w/thanks to Bob P.) When the lion lies down with the lamb, we'll no longer need policemen or soldiers. Until then, we do. And it matters a great deal whether those policemen and soldiers are men or women. On many levels.

For starters, military women get pregnant...

And a pregnant woman, whether she knows she's pregnant or not, carries an innocent civilian into battle. This is a needless risk of human life that no civilized man should countenance. For this reason, Vern Poythress questions whether any war waged by the co-ed military of these United States can ever be moral. Minimizing the loss of life is foundational to historic just war criteria.

Moving on from there, we find a host of lesser concerns. Children left behind and even orphaned so Mommie can fight. Sexual violence in the theater of war. An almost complete loss of modesty between the sexes; and consequently, rampant sexual immorality and the attendant family breakdown, divorce, and murder that always accompany such immorality.

But we haven't yet mentioned the impact of the fairer and weaker sex on fighting itself and this is a discussion wild horses can't drag good reformed pastors and elders into. Can we train women to fix bayonets? Should we? Is our androgynous social revolution of such importance that we must sacrifice military preparedness to its ends? Should Christians work to support this revolution, or should we oppose it?

If there are certain deficiencies in women's physical and emotional abilities to kill, can we remove those deficiencies by putting them on testosterone?

If so, would they be good mothers when they returned from deployment? And their husbands: would they want their wife back if she arrived with a lower voice and a mustache? (You don't want to think such trivial concerns would have a deleterious effect on loving marriages, but lesser things have broken a home--like changing the drawer handle the kitchen towel hangs on.)

In the earlier post on the violent death of Don Belton, I pointed out that sodomites are determined to deny any connection between homosexual violence and murder. So too, androgynites are determined to deny any connection between sexuality itself and discipline, strength, courage, and a whole host of other things desirable in the military.

If you've read this far, here's an essay from a recent issue of the Duke Journal of Gender Law and Policy that you may want to read. Titled "Constructing the Co-ed Military," its author is Elaine Donnelly, President of the Center for Military Readiness which is an independent, non-partisan public policy organization specializing in military personnel issues. Take some time and read it.


Thanks for highlighting this much needed topic. Wish more men would stand up agains twomen in the military.

Has anyone read this latest headline? I wish I could say it was unbelievable but it's just the next step, isn't it?


Being anything less than enthusiastic for the concept of women serving in operational capacities is career death. Consequently officers of the rank of O-6 and above are going to very heavily trend against the Christian understanding of these matters.

Hello Friends,

Thank you for posting a link to my Duke Law Journal article. For more information on a wide variety of military/social issues, please see our website, www.cmrlink.org.

My wife might hate me pointing this out ... when we met I used to fight with my fists but I never fought for the right things. And Ginger was probably more able to kick butt than I was. I know she shattered a guy's kneecap when he punched her while she was in High School ROTC. She was also a better shot.

It's taken 17 years but this year she finally admitted that back then she never felt safe as a woman and so she had to get tough to protect herself. For years I didn't take up the mantle of being a proper husband.

It's so absurdly obvious than women have to be men because we men stink at it.

We men should be completely damned ashamed of ourselves. Why do we have women in combat? Because we men don't care about much other than our clothes.

Coincidentally recently I met a friend of a friend, a career marine who though he put on a lot of tough talk and appearance and had a wife and kids, called himself a "metrosexual" and made fun of my less than GQ appearance as he tried to get my friend drunk - the guy was clearly as gay as the day is long and I told my friend to stay the heck away from him, that he had other things in mind other than salvation in Christ.

He was molested as a kid - again that connection between abuse at the hands of evil men and violence, failed masculinity and failed femininity.

He kept talking about a lesbian/bisexual woman that was in the marines or something with him. I don't get the impression the marines are what they used to be.

It's also funny how men I've met who are insecure thus always looking for a trophy wife to validate them so they end up with a bimbo who won't help them spiritually as they fight important battles.

As Christians we have to start helping untangle this mess, and it won't happen without uncomfortable conversations.


a little while back I posted my facebook status as follows, "(Jon Pryor) hates that we men have let women into positions that were meant for us to protect them (i.e. Firefighter, Military, Police Officer)."

I KID YOU NOT, immediately I received comment after comment....and in less than a week I had over 150 comment.
The role of men and women is THE most controversial topic by far in our country. And people will be filled with anger toward you.

I love it when roles are done right, and with joy.

> Has anyone read this latest headline?


Yes, I saw that, but it's not the latest headline. PC-ness in high places almost immediately shot down what seemed to only be common sense. They won't punish female soldiers for becoming unfit for duty after all, nor the men who got them that way.

War zone pregnancy punishments being dropped


WASHINGTON – A recent military policy that added pregnancy to the list of reasons a soldier could be disciplined in a war zone will be rescinded by a new order drafted by the top U.S. commander in Iraq.

[and so on]

Which only goes to show that women are not equal in the military -- they are actually more privileged than men. They can get a free ticket out of combat for doing what comes naturally to them. And with equal pay!


> Being anything less than enthusiastic for the concept of women serving in operational capacities is career death.

They are actually going ahead with plans to put women on submarines by 2011, in case you hadn't heard.


Cramped quarters? Well, they put them on space shuttles, so what's the big deal?

I heard they were putting female officers on first, supposedly because officers had slightly more privacy. [Or is it to get the all-male bastion accustomed to female leadership first, softening them up for the invasion?] I also read that they will have a *quota* of women per sub, because the women will need a support group.

What lunacy! I can hear the accolades now, when we have our first female sub commander. That's one small step for woman, one giant leap for mankind out of the Dark Ages!

The feminist paradox...

Social-engineering feminists believe men running the world has been what has lead to all the wars in history. Women, like Pelosi, say women can run things better than men -- they'll clean house. It will be a kinder and gentler world, now that women have been liberated to lead.

If men are the reason for all the wars and misery in the world, why do man-despising feminists want to be professional killers, too, not to mention wanting to be the big brass calling the shots?

Women in the military only prove the created order, in a fallen way, of course: women naturally follow men. If men are blowing things up, women want to, also, and to reserve the right to say it was the men's fault. Feminists prove men are in charge by always blaming them, yet wanting at the same time to imitate them.

I also believe this is why more women dress like men, than men dress like women. There's a natural tendancy to imitate the boss. Note that in the military more than anywhere else women dress *exactly* like men, as in the picture at the top of this thread.

> Wish more men would stand up against women in the military.

If they aren't going to stand up against day-to-day androgyny, which has *led* to women in the military, then don't count on it. It is a losing proposition to *only* fight the grossest manifestations of a much wider-spread plague. Females in the military is a problem that starts in our very own homes.

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