Christmas evangelism and worship...

(Tim, w/thanks to Luke and a host of others)
Last night, Church of the Good Shepherd was filled with unbelievers who came to our third annual Christmas Sing-a-Long and heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed through words and music. Like twenty minutes of Scripture and preaching and forty-five of Scripture in song. My heart, like all believers there, was filled with joy. Thank you, Jody, Phil, Jim, Andrew, and Aaron (and yes, you too, Mick). Thank you makers of cookies and cocoa. Thank you publicists/marketers/advertisers. Thank you, members of the choir. Thank you, orchestra. Thank you, sound men. Thank you, young men at the projector. Thank you, set up and tear down men. Thank you, Luke, for taking pictures. Thank you, Ben, for the graphics. Thank you, Ali, for serving us all. Thank you, Dave, for helping Jody with his sermonettes. Thank you, wives and husbands of the band and choir and musicians, for sacrificing your loved one for many hours over many weeks. Thank you everyone!

I'd say close to half the congregation was not from Church of the Good Shepherd, many of whom were unbelievers invited by believers who love them and asked them to come with the prayer that they'd hear the Gospel, repent, and believe. May God answer our prayers.

If you'd like a recording of the evening's worship, please send Ali an e-mail.


Yea, it was so awesome! I was completely blessed. The band was so smart to arrange the music in the way they did. So much talent. Words so beautiful.

Thank you CGS!

and Mick...

I was there too. It would make a good CD.

Thank you to everyone who worked to make this special evening possible!

Tim said: "May God answer our prayers."


"Unless the LORD builds the house, they labor in vain who build it" Ps. 127:1

And and big thank you to Amy and Jenna (with help from others) who spent dozens of late night hours hand making all those wonderful animal costumes for the kiddos. Definitely worth it, I'd say.

And what about Colin's arrow directing traffic into the driveway. And Sam doing something we've never seen before at CGS: ushering people down an aisle to help them find a seat! What a man! What an usher!


What I noticed right away was just how polished and perfect everything sounded. I really had to keep looking closely at those performing because it really sounded too perfect - I kept thinking it was a recording when my mind would wander.

It was really great - I was shocked and it wasn't like I wasn't at the last two Christmas sing-alongs.

Also, I loved the choir today in service and fortunately I got to hear it twice.

It seems to me that the Christmas concert and some of the worship services would make excellent recordings just the way they were. I'd be interested (and others have said the same) in hearing them.

Thanks to everyone involved!


I am not from your church nor am I even of the Protestant faith, the event was absolutely amazing! I really enjoyed being there with everyone, you guys are great at making someone feel welcome. Happy Holidays!

PS. The music was very good as well.

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