We used to hold these truths to be self-evident...

(Tim, w/thanks to David W.) Breathlessly, the BBC reports our latest neuroscience findings. (By the way, keep track of that whole neuro thing. It's hot and will soon explain everything as a simple question of brain waves. Including theology.)

Brilliant neuroscience researchers have poked around in the electrical brain activity of their subjects' noggins watching for the differences between men and women when subjects were presented with images of, for instance, danger. Turns out...

"men showed activity in areas which dealt with what action they should take to avoid or confront danger" whereas "the study ...found more activity in the emotional centres of women's brains."

While viewing the negative images, women showed stronger and more extensive activity in the left thalamus. This is an area which relays sensory information to the pain and pleasure centres of the brain.

Men showed more activity in an area of the brain called the left insula, which plays a key role in controlling involuntary functions, including respiration, heart rate and digestion...

Researcher Dr Andrzej Urbanik said: "This might signal that when confronted with dangerous situations, men are more likely than women to take action."

Would our dear readers think me base or impious if I said maybe it's something about broad shoulders and nursing breasts? Or rather, maybe it's something about Christ protecting His Bride and giving Himself up for Her?

Loved ones, if the BBC is reporting this as a scientific finding, we pastors and elders and Titus 2 women and fathers and mothers need to teach it to those looking to us for wisdom. In our Western pomo world, it's time to recover these precious details of God's Creation which are absolutely central to living a godly life in Christ Jesus. Since they're in Scripture, we know they're "profitable."


If you are impious for mentioning those things, then I guess the Bible is as well.....so a hearty "Amen."

Being in the Psych/Neurosci program at IU was an interesting thing. At one point Ginger did one of those studies where they monitor all sorts of things about a mother and her child and test the development of the child on various fronts.

After one of these longitudinal type studies (I think it was Rebekah) the guy in my department said that with all the kids he's studied the ones that are always far and away the best developed on all scales are the children who stay at home with their mothers (the Christians he noted). The guy was getting his PhD in Developmental Psych and so was his fiance and he didn't know how he was going to tell her he wants her to stay home and raise their children.

I didn't expect that there are many researchers that are happy to study science honestly even if the obvious conclusions of their research testify to the truth of scripture.

I worked in Linda Smith's lab, I don't know, maybe she was more traditional or something - she's the department chair. My favorite prof was Dr. Farley but I don't know his research.


During my Marine Corps days, I found it amusing that women where carrying backpacks that were sometimes 2/3 their body weight(70lbs). I also found it amusing that when she fell under the weight of that pack a male Marine would inevitably end up carrying his back and hers because we leave no Marine behind. There were always exceptions of course.

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