"That's between me and him or her..."

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(Tim, w/thanks to Brian) Below is a quote taken from a story about the recent attack and apparent attempted murder of Indiana State Representative Ed Delaney. Both Delaney and his attacker are attorneys.

[Attorney] DeLaney said, Mendenhall reached into a large zippered bag, ostensibly to get a retainer check DeLaney already had declined. He pulled out a gun, wrapped in a plastic bag.

“I thought that I was in a lot of trouble, and I didn’t know why,” DeLaney said. “He asked me if I was right with God, and I said, ‘That’s between me and him or her.’ “ “I said goodbye or whatever to my Lord. I whispered goodbye to my wife. I was afraid I was dead. I said, ‘OK, you’re dead. If you’ve got any chance of coming back ...you’d better go for the gun.’ So I went for the gun.”