Taylor Isaiah Bayly I...

TaylorIsaiahBayly:2009 (Tim) Taylor played varsity soccer this past year and this pic ran in the Bloomington paper. Am I proud of my son? Yes, I am. More for his heart than soccer, though. He submits to authority! Can you imagine that? No matter how normal it is to you, it's always amazing to me. After all, I was his age a few days ago, and submission wasn't ground zero in my character traits.

If your daughters are home schooled and you think he's handsome, just send me an e-mail with proposed dowry. We're building a house.



That's a pretty sweet picture. I never saw it.

I kinda like to think of Taylor as my little brother, and I'm proud of him too!

I've been able to watch him speak Truth to his friends this week, and it has been such an encouragement!

Which one is he? (Not being funny)

Mr. Kru,

Funny. I suppose that this family has adopted enough kids from Africa now that you have to ask.

He is the white boy. :)

I had the same question as Mr. Kru for the same reason. Thank you to both of you for asking it well, and how wonderful that we are at a position where the question makes sense!

I'd expect you to pay me for Amelia. I don't have any ugly or unseemly daughters so I haven't saved up.

Ima get a bumper sticker, "I'm spending my daughter's dowry!"


You should teach him about when it is and isn't appropriate to trash talk after a certain football team from Indianapolis beats a certain football team from New England in a game.


It is always appropriate to talk trash about the Patriots.


Actually, it's a virtue.

Indeed, the Patriots represent all that is loathsome about the NFL.

Dear Alex,

Taylor was chagrined to cause you pain.


GO, COLTS!!!! (How sweet it was!)(and will continue to be!)

Nice shot, Taylor. Wish I had a daughter your age. Tim - we're building a bathroom!

I wish I had a daughter Taylor's age so I could keep her away from him.

(I guess it should be said that my comment is a joke as Taylor and I are good friends, for the many who would otherwise be confused or shocked).

I'm not saying anything--nothing at all. Just keeping my mouth shut, I am.

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