Great price on my favorite isolater in-ear earphones...

(Tim) For about five years I've been using the Etymotic Research ER6i Isolator In-Ear Earphones (Black) and loving them so much that, about two years ago, I bought five pair for my sons and one dear missionary friend. Why the missionary friend?

Because these earphones fit in the ear canal and make flying almost bliss. They can be plugged into your iPod or the airplane's headphone receptacle. These headphones work much, much better than those the airlines hand out (or rent) because the Etymotic ER61s cut off all ambient noise. And I mean all. If there's a screaming baby or you're near the whining jet engines, you'll barely hear them.

The reason I'm putting up a link to them today is that Amazon is selling them right now for $48 and that's about half price. It's a great buy that only comes along about once a year...

If you fly or want quiet when you're listening to Scripture or books or music, buy them--you won't go wrong. I've bought and owned a number of different earphones through the years and these, at their regular price, are the best balance between sound quality and price. Plus, when you need replacement filters, call Etymotic and, if they do with you what they've always done with me, they'll just put them in a bag and send them to me. Free. So at $49, they're a steal.


If you've never used earphones that go in your ear-canal, just be aware that these are not going to be normal earbuds. If you don't know whether you'll like it here's a quick test. If you can put in foam ear-plugs without them bothering you, then these will probably be great for you. If foam ear-plugs bother or hurt you, I'd avoid these.

I love 'em.

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