Rick Phillips reviews Tim Keller reviewing Bill Hybels...

(Tim, w/thanks to our Redeemer Manhattanite correspondent) Pastor Rick Phillips recently did a post critical of a review of Willow Creek written by the Rev. Dr. Tim Keller. Rick was apologetic as he got started:

Our poor friend Tim Keller suffers the fate of having his every word parsed over a thousand times...  For this reason, I try to avoid such parsing...

But fortunately, truth got the better of Rick and he quickly hit his stride. Check it out.


Excellent post by Mr. Phillips.

I'm glad someone is talking about the dangers of Triperspectivalism outside of Scott Clark.

It appeared to me that Keller was misapplying Frame's triperspectivalism.

> It appeared to me that Keller was misapplying Frame's triperspectivalism.

Probably. What makes me uneasy is when it's applied in a way that allows us to join hands with Christians who ought to be sharply rebuked for leading people astray. Instead of lovingly saying, "Repent...you guys have traded the cross for law lite" Keller is instead lavishing on them the notion that he appreciates their kingliness. The term is utterly subjective to begin with, and is nothing more than flattery and likely gives Keller the feeling that he's above the fray while allowing him to be popular with all men. It's not loving and it's not honest. ...I'm preaching to the choir here I know. For someone who talks about the importance of the gospel in the life of a believer (which I appreciate), he seems to be ignoring that truth when dealing with Willow Creek. gah!

Mark Priestap, I'd love further elucidation of their "law lite", in your words. I think I could hammer-out some things myself, but I'm interested in what you have to say. : )

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