Derek's home page links to...

Well, followed a link and check out this screen shot of Derek Webb's home page. Bottom right corner, folks.

Snicker, snicker.



Psst...that's bottom left. ;-)

Valerie, be nice. Only the very gifted can tell their left from their right.

LOL. Not quite the type of press that he is looking for, huh?

How about the fact that the link just above the one to Bayly Blog in the screenshot is the blog of an atheist -- and he and his commenters think the song is great. One comment even quotes Tony Campolo, so they are clearly on the same page as Tim on this one -- except for the fact that they think Tony and DW are right.

On second thought, that is probably exactly the kind of press he is looking for.

I'm usually not one of those very gifted, Michal, so I had to think long and hard before I was sure it was really on the left! (And what wasn't nice about my comment???)

Unfortunately, Kevin, you are right. The last 4 months have been nothing but a huge marketing ploy to get attention for this album. He wants any kind of attention he can get. I was on his mailing list until recently. I finally tried to respond and tell him that his emails were making me sick and that I didn't even want to hear his latest album, but it bounced back to me.

I'm afraid this blog has given him exactly what he wants: attention.

>>I'm afraid this blog has given him exactly what he wants: attention.

Yup, Derek Webb and Tim Keller both get a lot of press, here. What am I thinking?


Who is Derek Webb? Why should I care?

If anyone is interested, I'm giving away a free copy of Derek's new CD on my blog.

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