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(Tim) Rarely does a writer get it right about both Apple and Microsoft, but the Guardian's Charlie Booker has done it. (Watch the language.) Whether you're Mac or Windows, you'll laugh. And when you're done, watch this video with the gray hair who, despite her ancientism, is surprisingly aware of the technological world, the pretty woman leader who's so chipper, the quiet man who knows what he's talking about and finds the others insuperable, and the African American who knows he's there to fill out the color palette.

Tell me this video was an Apple scheme. Microsoft didn't really make it, did they? It was a joke, yeah?




Thanks Tim, there's 10 minutes I'll never get back.

This truly is horrible. I couldn't watch more than 30 seconds. It caused great disgust from deep inside.

However, we've got to be realistic here. For what most people do, Windows works just fine and is 1/3rd or less the price of a mac and my PC has needed far far fewer repairs (none).

I used to be a big Mac enthusiast, my first computer was my Powerbook 145 from 1992 and I loved it (all 4mb of RAM, 40 MB hard drive and B&W screen of it) - had to sell it to buy my Totota Tercel. Later I died with the Performa 6300 and Powerbook 5300.

When I started working at IU in 1995, I got typecast as Mac-only person and I started pushing to do more with PC and was drawn in by the price and flexibility. I ran Windows, Novell and Linux all on the same PC - couldn't do that on Mac until the recent Intel processors.

PC is the computer of the blue collar world. Sorry to say. It's all part of the East side/West Side dichotomy.


It is such a blessing that God has given us the gift of humor! I truly believe that the purpose of Windows, like the BMV, is for our sanctification. By the way, in our family, David is the Mac and I'm the pc.

Do they say the word "party" often enough?!? And is anyone that desperate for fun that they'd take this idea seriously? I think I'll go wash my mind out with a good book... ;0)

That was a very enjoyable read. For years now I have been hounded by the Mac minded and have resisted for much of the same reason. I recently broke under the pressure and purchased an iphone. What a magnificent box that phone is presented in!!! And the special vibes eminating from the staff at the AT&T store made me know that I wasn't only special, but smart too! I left that store KNOWING that maybe for once in my life I had made a really good choice when it came to technology. But then a few days later, dressed in my cleanest dirty pair of painters whites, I proudly strapped my new iphone to my belt and headed out into the world. I thought all the Macies would let me belong in their world - after all I owned the little sleek phone with the sexy logo, but no. I could see their thoughts - "How did he come about one of our phones?" "Maybe it belongs to his boss." "Look at the odd man - he seems to be confused!" What is worse is that they are right about me - my dignity won't allow me to belong, but my pride sure wants to try.

I like my Mac stuff. They make good gadgets most of the time, but I don't own a black turtle neck. No, not even one. When I enter a MacStore I notice that the geniuses briefly consider calling 911.

I had a great time destroying 35 IPODS for a job I used to have. (competitive analysis of components) People wanted to use the official IPOD fixing tools, and a colleague of mine figured out that a wood vise would work just fine.

Awesome fun to watch the opiate of the teens bend and pop open, releasing the goodies inside.

I'm personally agnostic about the whole deal. If it weren't for the fact that macs are a lot more expensive, I'd look at 'em.

> I wasn't only special, but smart too!

Bob, that was hilarious. Yup that's the Mac world. I own a Macbook but sometimes I feel dirty (especially since its hardware breaks much more often than my 1/3rd the cost PC).

> I notice that the geniuses briefly consider calling 911.

Marta it's huge grace your marriage has survived the Mac-PC divide.

Yes, David, me you and Bob don't really fit (even though you're an artist), but they'll take our money. I'm a snob at heart, but I don't like that part of myself.

Dare I say that blue collars are too "gauche" for Mac - a non-mac wouldn't as readily use a word like that - it's like when Gore called Bush snippy and Bush said "We don't use that word here too often down here in Texas".

But Tim, we love you even though you are a recovering snob (and make fun of yourself with words I don't understand) - maybe especially because of it and how the Holy Spirit worked/s allowing you to bridge the gap.

I was just a wanna be elite, never got there before the Holy Spirit yanked me out.

But I do love my iPod - gotta give credit there.


The video seemed oddly a lot like the small group tutorials we've had to watch at my church... I feel bad for those actors!

I'll be honest here; I was waiting for something to catch on fire and/or explode. I watched the WHOLE THING thinking something funny would happen. Nothing. I feel cheated.

Here is my story: I grew up at the dawn of the "home computer", the 2 that were available were the Macintosh (the grade school had 4) and the Commadore Vic 20! Oh ya!

I used "IBM compatible" computers all my life up until going to community college several years ago. I didn't like them and liked the attitude of the users even less. BUT,...I began to get into more intense usage and one after another my PC's turned into giant paperweights.

I'm not a violent man. Many consider me very mellow and "laid back". When I tell you that there have been moments when I honestly thought to myself " should I unplug this computer before I throw it out the front window onto the front lawn OR should I just pick it up right now and just yank it all out of the wall before I throw it?" I am not kidding.

I started film/editing over 5 years ago and the troubles flooded in. "If I can just get the newest most bestestest PC I will be fine!" WRONG. It became a strain on my marriage, really. When you shoot a wedding that you should be able to edit in a week or two and it ends up taking over a month....insanity ensues.

I started using Macs at school. I began to notice, HEY, THEY WORK!

I knew I would be helping CTW with video and such during the capital campaign and turn around for dvd's would be quick. I had to get the Mac, PC was just not going to be trustworthy for me. I took delivery of my Macbook Pro a couple months ago, it works! All the time. I have gotten more done in the past 2 months without issue than in all the previous 5 years combined.

I do aggree that there is a "snob effect" that many Mac users (or believers) have. Honestly, most computer users don't know how to use half the stuff on it and never will. E-mail, internet, that is it usually. Maybe a "cute" youtube video of their cat. Yet Mac users think they are smarter, better looking, better dressed artists that you just can't relate to and probaly should not be in the same coffee house as them.

I'm the first to admit that I do not belong in the group at all. I use my Mac for editing and that is about it, it is a purpose built machine and no, I don't own an iPod and my phone doesn't even have a camera on it! I wear jeans almost exclusively, a little baggy, and I will not wear flip flops ever. I open carry a Smith & Wesson 9mm so, in a way, I am excluded from most groups anyway ;)

Oh well, at least people are polite to me while I use my Mac. I like my mocha with skim milk, please.

Scott, they're probably polite because they see your Smith & Wesson.

Chelsey, you made me laugh! ....remembering those groovy videos!

I recognized the gray-haired one from a show from a LONG time ago. Not sayin' where, though. ;)


I recognize the gray-haired woman, too, but not what show she was on. Inquiring minds want to know...

Guess you should never say never on Mac vs. PC, but I've had work and home PC's for about 25 years. Never even considered going over to the "dark side". In all these years, there have only been 2 times I couldn't fix a problem on a PC (even though I had have to consult tech support to walk me through a fix several other times) -- and there have been two PCs in our home since shortly after Windows 95 was released.

I have seen Macs crash. The worst was when I was running the sound booth in church -- recording the sermon and displaying slides with all of our service from the invocation to the benediction (including hymns and the Eucharistic) on two large screens for people who preferred that to the Book of Common Prayer and the Hymnal. Not pretty.

But the church is an all-Mac place and one of our priests came to the rescue because he is our Mac guru.

And like others have already said, we've just always got a better bang for the buck with a PC -- laptop or desktop. But the laptop Macs do look nice .

>>even though I had have to consult tech support

I'm sure PCs had fine for you work too always, ya know?

Dear Carole,

The Howdy Doody Show? Leave it to Beaver? Beverly Hillbillies? Hee Haw? What is it?


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