Save your church (or school) money...


(Tim) If you're looking for excellent furnishings for your sanctuary or classrooms and you want to get them at rock-bottom prices, here's a tip.

We bought our chairs from Save Your Church Money, a business started by Pastor George Kreger who serves New Hope Community Church in Bryan, Ohio. George and my brother, David, are longtime friends and David suggested we get in touch with George.

We did.

And now, a couple years later, we are as pleased as we can be with our chairs. They're very comfortable. But as an old church custodian, I'm most impressed by how well they stack and what a small space they fit into...


George started Save Your Church Money to--don't laugh--save his own church money...

But now, what he did for his own church is saving lots of other churches money, too. Check his work out and tell him the Bayly brothers sent you.

A brochure published by our chair company, ComforTek, used several pics of our chairs in our sanctuary. The pic was taken by our own Lucas Trout who does freelance photography, video, and design work. His wife, Ali, is our most-excellent church secretary.

By the way, our chairs are at the bottom of this page: transitional, upholstered, with arms.


Anyhow, if you need chairs or other furnishings for your church, go ahead and...

Save Your Church Money!


Hey, I think that picture makes our "sanctacafenasuary" look pretty good!

It's good to see the entrepreneurial spirit alive and well in the church!

That and good chairs, too, ;-)

I have just stumbled upon your site today and am happy to have found it.

I've just jumped into the blogosphere myself in recent weeks, launching , where the most recent post is entitled "Candy Christianity: The Counterfeit Gospel of the American Church".

It is always encouraging to connect with like-minded Christians. It is instances such as this that I am very grateful to Al Gore for inventing the Internet.

Soli Deo gloria!


This post should also mention the terrific character-building opportunity these chairs afford to the young men of the church who have the privilege of setting them up and tearing them down every weekend so that we can use the sanctuary space for other things during the week. It's always an encouragment to me to see the high-school- and junior-high-aged men dive into the labor quickly, joyfully, and efficiently, often without any prompting.

I found that polishing pews could have an equally beneficial result.

Hey guys, I couldn't find a contact page so forgive me for being off topic. I'm trying to get some people together to discuss the situation of Portuguese electronic Bible versions. I remember your input was very helpful on the MorphGNT/Zhubert discussion and was hoping you would chip in on this situation. I've started a discussion group here:

If you want background see the post at my blog:


David Ker

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