Please pray for Elise Holmes...

(Tim) You may remember our Heavenly Father's kindness, giving us the safe delivery of Chris and Michelle Holmes' twins, Anne-Claire and Elise, I wrote about back on May 26th. Since then, the little girls have been doing very well, but today Elise went into Riley's Children's Hospital with breathing problems and a spot on her brain that may indicate she had a stroke. They've put her on a ventilator and I ask you to join us in prayer for little Elise and her family.



God bless your family with grace and peace Tim! The same God who heard you yesterday, praying for their safe delivery, will hear you today, praying for Elise's healing and will hear you tomorrow as you offer up praise for His goodness toward you in the face of trial.

May your faith be strong as it rests in the One who is stronger still. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.

al sends.

Praying without ceasing.


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