Nationalized healthcare and abortion: just say "No"...

(Tim, w/thanks to Mark) Lest there be any doubt in the matter, I'm absolutely opposed to any expansion of the authority and power of our national government in the lives of citizens of our united states. And this is particularly true with regard to what is being referred to as national healthcare. The national healthcare we need is CPR for the Tenth Amendment--not President Barack Obama forcing believers in Jesus Christ to send our taxes to him so he can pay for someone else's daughter to slaughter her unborn child or intimidate someone else's son into pulling the plug on his aging mother.

If you want to read the definitive work on national healthcare and where it will lead us...

send me $12.50 ($10 for the book and $2.50 for postage and handling) and I'll mail you a copy of my Dad's novel, Winterflight, written waaaay back in 1976 and about as prescient as it could be concerning where our country was headed. (Make checks payable to Tim Bayly and mail them to me at Church of the Good Shepherd, 2501 South Endwright Road, Bloomington, Indiana 47403.)

If you haven't yet, do get a copy and read it. Then loan it out to as many people as possible--particularly the Emergent types asleep at the wheel and still admiring their own good taste and enlightened thinking in having voted for a black man.

Meanwhile, here's a good article from today's New York Times showing all's not well in the debate over abortion coverage in our nationalized healthcare.


How does a novel prove anything? It's fiction, not evidence.

The novel is allegorical, and prophetic to what are the possibilities of going down a road that has more govermental control in the realm of healthcare. This is just from reading the synopsis of the book on amazon. I do need to get a copy of it because it's extremely relevant in the discussion of what could happen in our own country. Well is going to happen if it keeps going down the road it's going down.


What you wrote above makes me very sad. Throughout human history, we have gleaned more wisdom, even more Truth, than all the studies in the world *proving* [insert particular cause of the moment].

No novels aren't proof in the sense you seem to mean that word. But they are utterly and completely chock full of evidence of the human condition. If they weren't, no one would read them.


Karen, check out "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and the impact it had in the run-up to the Civil War.

Now people, in this case community organizers, are actually praying to Barak Obama.;jsessionid=BC9321DC0E2C06547C7EDF560D5D892D?action=viewBlog&blogID=344024029293704597

Oh Tim! Chris and I just listened to an unabridged reading of Uncle Tom's Cabin on our recent road trip (free from That is one of those books that everyone's heard of and no one's read, but what a treasure!! Have you read it recently? Chris and I both admitted that it is one of our all-time favorite books. It is a book for all times, not just the civil war times, but it seemed especially pertinent to our present times.

I could go on and on about its literary excellence, suberb character development, etc, but what really stood out to me was her impassioned call to the church to wake up and do something about the injustice taking place under the shadow of her steeples. One can hardly read it without seeing abortion written on every page, and without feeling every bit as stirred to end abortion as those prior to the civil war felt moved to end slavery.

And one more thing on Uncle Tom's Cabin:

The book is relentless in illustrating how necessary it is that the laws of our country must be changed to protect the weak and that this must be the churches primary aim in regards to slavery--to change the laws.

The Emergents and other "Prolife" for Obama want us to believe that the best way to decrease abortion is not to change our laws to protect the unborn but to instead increase welfare and contraceptive programs. I wish they would read it.

I read WINTERFLIGHT a few years ago, and it has come to mind so often as I have watched what is happening in our country. I was recommending it to a few people at church just a week or so ago as we were discussing where our country is headed. It is truly prophetic, and if you haven't read it, you are missing out on a book that will give you chills as you see the truths in it. Karen, don't shortchange yourself - read the book.

Bill, thanks for the link. I never thought I'd ever really see something like that. Obviously, I was wrong. I tremble in fear especially for the ones draped in ministerial robes (male AND female) as they lead the sheep into the Abyss.


Can we add 1984 and Brave New World to the list of fictional works that don't prove anything?


From the start, Obama was vested with a messianic character that exceeds anything I've ever witnessed in an American politician. Don't worry though;false messiahs invariably leave their followers disappointed and disillusioned.

Don Alexander: "From the start, Obama was vested with a messianic character that exceeds anything I've ever witnessed in an American politician. Don't worry though;false messiahs invariably leave their followers disappointed and disillusioned."

Unfortunately, they won't be disappointed and disillusioned until after 2016.

With the liberal media in the tank for Democrats, Teflon Obama who's aided by the reflexive retorts of "Racism!" will win again in 2012.

During that time more pro-abortionists will be nominated and approved to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Worst of times and Best of times for Salt and Light.

The reason fiction can speak so powerfully is that good fiction must be believeable--in a way that ironically a history book or other nonfiction work does not need to be. Fiction presumes the reader's familiarity with the subject; nonfiction assumes that the reader is not familiar with it.

Hence, it speaks truths to those who read them in an entirely different, and often more heartfelt, way than any work of nonfiction. It's also worth noting that many "nonfiction" authors (liberal history professors for example) make up far more things than a good author of fiction would dare to fabricate.


From my vantage point Obama appears more like velcro-everyting sticks. He is being defined by his opponents. When you open a town hall meeting with the declaration;"I don't want to kill your Grandmother", I'd say you're on the defensive.

Recent polls indicate that media credibility is at a thirty year low.

As for obama's future political clout, there is not the slightest chance that the midterm elections will improve his situation.

What this administration has proved most clearly is that the Repulicans are best as the opposition party.

I dearly hope I'm wrong that Obama will get re-elected in 2012.

But when I look at this quadruple: Liberal media, liberal secular universities and faculty, liberal politicians, and a liberal Hollywood, and then coupling it with a generally undiscerning and gullible mass public who are easily swayed by overwrought emotionalism.... (typified by Oprah's audience), then it's

Seven More Years of Obama.

Ugh. I hope he suffers the fate of Jimmy Carter. A one and done. But it's dubious.

Given our current economic conditions and the situation in Iran, Jimmy Carter is as apt a comparison as I can imagine.

We have had a public health service in Australia for decades. We still have a functioning private health service, so I don't see how this denies anyone health care. My grandmother had a cancer removed by the public health service when she was already a retired woman in her seventies. I haven't read wintersmith, but whatever it predicts is presumably happening here now if it's ever going to happen, and our health system isn't that bad.

Dear KJ,

It's "Winterflight." And what we believe will happen here is already happening. Nationalized healthcare will only increase the bondage of utilitarian equations. Newborn babies starved to death. Old people offed. Depressed people helped along.

It's happening there, too. You just don't know about it.


Is the stance against nationalied health care the "Christian" position? Should pastors speak out against it? Is this an issue(unlike abortion) where Christians can disagree and still be faithful? As evidenced by the response from KJ some Christians may disagree.

Bayly. You're fear-mongering because you don't actually give a shit about anyone but yourself.
Nationalized healthcare will only increase the bondage of utilitarian equations. Newborn babies starved to death. Old people offed. Depressed people helped along.
You're an idiot. You can't possibly actually believe any of this nonsense--no one could; this is the goddamn US of A, not Uganda--unless you believe it just enough that you can be perfectly fine with spreading lies about your bullshittery. By the way, Brave New World is much more likely to happen than 1984:

Also read this article. I'm sure you'll completely ignore it and toss it to the wayside, but I suppose it's worth a shot:

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