A good piece by Bob Patterson on Republicans and marriage...

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(Tim) "Marriage Matters" on National Review Online is by my good friend, Bob Patterson, who writes:

Republicans resent the

presence of social conservatives in the party and, even more, the fact

that in 30 states social conservatives have succeeded in defending the

legal status of matrimony against elites who want America to be more

like socially liberal Europe.

...In 1776, (Adam Smith) noticed how men and women on this side of the Atlantic were twice as likely to marry — and at younger ages — and had twice as many children as their European counterparts.

Bob ends with this warning:

Of course, insisting that

marriage law should reflect what nature, history, and reason affirm

risks offending not so much homosexuals as cultural elites who care

little about America. For these reasons, the effort to preserve a

social institution that is a critical part of American exceptionalism,

including this country’s economic prowess, deserves greater support

from the GOP establishment and from Republican business interests.

Given how a rejection of the marriage ideal would make the U.S. look

like Europe, the stakes could not be higher.