Redeemer's intolerance when it comes to woman officers front and center...

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(Tim) This stuff is old hat here on Baylyblog, but for those who are latecomers or have a tendency to think where there's smoke, there's not necessarily fire, check out this Warfield list post describing one PCA pastor's visit to Redeemer (New York) last Sunday. Note particularly three things: first, the woman leading the pastoral/congregational prayer; second, his perception that elders are hidden from the masses; and third, his record of what is said about woman officers being available following the service each Lord's Day.

A friend who used to be an assistant pastor at Redeemer made a practice of forgoing that language when he closed Redeemer's corporate worship services. When called on the carpet and asked why his words weren't in line with the other staff pastors, he said it was a matter of conscience to him. Rather than "there are deaconesses and deacons available down front to answer any questions you may have," he announced, "There are Redeemer leaders available down front to answer any questions you may have."

Shortly after the meeting, he was fired.

Of course, I don't mean to imply...

his indisposition to tip his hat to the new constitution was the only contributing factor to his demise. Generally, if the venue is hip, the man who honors Scripture in the matter of woman not teaching or exercising authority over man will be odd-man-out in other areas, too.