Joseph Tate Bayly VII...

Joseph:Heidi:Mamush He predestined us to adoption as sons through Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the kind intention of His will... (Eph. 1:5)

(Tim) Since their return from Ethiopia where they spent two weeks, starting May 17, and picked up their son, Joseph and Heidi have been learning to be father and mother. Recently, they returned from a trip to Sawyer, Michigan and Pardeeville, Wisconsin, where they spent time with the Taylor and Staveness/Healy clans, respectively. All of us here in Bloomington have been rejoicing at God's kindness to Joseph and Heidi (and the rest of us) in giving them this wonderful child to raise as a Covenant child. What a joy he is to us!

Mamush:Lake This second pic makes me smile because it brings back memories of Joseph and Heidi's childhood together. At the time, Mary Lee and I were serving in the pastorate there in Pardeeville and were close friends with Heidi's parents, Joel and Mary, who lived just a couple blocks down Main Street in a home on the lake. So here's Tate playing with his Dad in the back yard where his Dad and Mom grew up playing and swimming together as their parents sat on the dock eating and talking.

Joseph and Heidi named their son Joseph Tate Bayly and call him Tate.

For those keeping track, he's officially Joseph Tate Bayly VII, with numbers I and II buried just a few feet from the place Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address in Evergreen Cemetery; number III just down the hill from I and II (in Evergreen, where we buried Aunt Elaine, also); number IV in Wheaton Cemetery (both Dad Bayly and Dad Taylor are buried there); number V in Glenwood Memorial Gardens in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania; and VI, praise God, still living and now the father of Joseph Tate Bayly VII.

If you are interested in Tate's home country of Ethiopia, make sure to read and look at the pics in Joseph and Heidi's blog posts from their time there.


*she jumps up and down and claps her hands with joy*

I couldn't be more pleased for Tate and his mom and dad . . .and grandma and grandpa as well! Prayers of praise, many, many, many of those.


Wonderful, wonderful!!

This post makes me happy. :-)

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