We don't "believe in" rain or gravity...

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(Tim) Something Tim Keller said to this year's commissioners to the PCA General Assembly is worth pointing out and exegeting:

"I believe in male headship. I believe in the…uhhhh…traditional gender roles."

- Tim Keller; PCA General Assembly; Orlando, June 2009


this been poker, everyone should have recognized that statement as a

tell. No heavily nuanced Christian apologist to postmoderns wants to go

on record as believing in "traditional gender roles." This is the

reason this heavily nuanced Christian apologist to postmoderns in

particular appears to go out of his way to blur the distinction between male and female church officers by not ordaining his male deacons.

If I've understood Tim Keller correctly through the years, from his mouth the word 'traditional' married to "gender roles" is

a pejorative term. Redeemer Presbyterian Church leads the way in the


in distancing herself from what Pastor

Keller so exquisitely refers to as "traditional gender roles."

It's not "gender." It's sex! God-ordained psychological, physiological, and spiritual bifurcation.


roles are social constructs, but God's order of the sexes is perpetual

and binding. We no more "believe" in woman not exercising authority

over man than we believe in heterosexuality or rain or gravity.

It's a hoot trying to imagine the Apostle Paul, John Calvin, or J. Gresham Machen talking like this.