The Vietnam Memorial...

VNM:Vets (Tim) We went to the Vietnam Memorial, today, and I found it unexpectedly moving. From the first, I was no fan of Maya Lin's design. But having been there, now, I think I was wrong.

To be sure, it's minimalist, but there's no question the people of these United States have come to own it. And how could they not, with the terrible weight of names and names and names--stretching down and back up out of the ground? It's an intensely intimate monument to our national loss.

VNM:Child Walking along the wall, we passed one man doing a brass (granite) rubbing of some man's name. An older couple peered at the name their fingertips were pressed against. Was it a neighbor boy or their son? Surrounded by tears and whispers, children were quiet.

And then the memorials laid in the three of four inch granite trough that runs the length of the wall--so far, 62,000 of them.

Here are some left today...









VNM:Roses VNM:Medal




Is your family vacationing out here or is this "business" travel?

Dear Valerie,

It's vacation.

Love, can't get from Philly to DC without going right past me. Wish I had a chance to meet y'all!

I read an article in some newspaper that all the stuff left at the wall like letters and plaques, teddy bears are catalog and kept at some facility.

Like you I wasn't a big fan of it but having been there twice I like it. Somehow it always brings me to tears to see all those names on the wall.

I am not a very sentimental person but the starknest of the wall just gets to me everytime.

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