Turn off the TV...

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(Tim) In the middle of a list of ten ways to save money during these difficult times, Money magazine recommends, "Turn off the TV." Here's their rationale:

Television viewership is up in this down economy, which isn't all that

surprising. TV is, after all, a cheap form of escapism. But before you

tune in to tune out the realities of recession, remember that

prime-time TV is full of pretty people and even prettier things. All

this glamour affects how you think about your position in the world.


to Boston College sociologist Juliet Schor, "Television viewing results

in an upscaling of desire. And that in turn leads people to buy." Her

study found that every additional hour of TV viewing per week boosts

spending by roughly $200 a year. So a handful of sitcoms and a reality

series or two can cost you more than a grand a year...

Forget keeping up

with the Joneses; now people are struggling to keep up with the


If you can't bring yourself to give up TV

entirely, at least stop watching shows centered on the lifestyles of

the fictionally the rich. Try COPS or The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer. No

one ever looked at the PBS anchor and said, "I've got to get a blazer

like that!"