Robert and Phama, meet Scott and Marcy...

Naylors. 04.09.1 (Tim) Just received by e-mail today...

For all our readers with fond memories of Scott and Marcy Naylor, as well as readers with sons who soon will be seeking a helpmate, preferably with a full head of red hair and the spirit that normally accompanies such glory, this picture of Scott and Marcy's quiverful is, as one son used to say, the bomdiggity!

If woman is man's glory, Scott's heavy duty glorious.

By the way, the Naylors are paedo--not credo--although some find that cross-polination isn't the worst thing in the world. Still, it's better to have the husband paedo and the wife credo so the husband is able to exercise that thing Tim Keller says is the center of the Creation Order of sexuality, "tie-breaking authority."


I remember this family, and lugging around their redheaded kids at the Olson's house one evening. Very charming children!

As the father of five sons I have prayed against the spirit of girls in our house for so long, I am starting to fear irreversible damage.

Since all early efforts at arranged marriages with the Baylys failed, if Mr. Naylor wishes to call I will certainly listen.

Though of late our eldest has cast his eye on a redhead in London. A Mother's Day flight to the UK is booked.

Of all the prayers we have prayed for the past 25 years, godly wives for our sons heads the long list. Thank you, Timothy, for your faithful ministry to covenant families and covenant children. And glory to God for your fruitful quiver.

When the Naylors visited CGS a few years back I heard a boy remark, "Who are those girls? They're beautful!" He was right.

It looks like it took Scott's genes a few years to prevail over Marcy's... =)

And those are beautiful girls.

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