Pictures at an Exhibition...

(Tim) When one of your elders is selling his personal record collection to the Library of Congress in installments over a period of several years, it's not uncommon to leave meetings with a brain clogged by extraneous details like this gem from our last time together: Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition is the most arranged piece of classical music with Elder D. C. Canfield having, in his own possession, 300 arrangements and 1,000 different recordings of the piece.


Only a church near IU could have an elder like that.

Ravel's orchestral arrangement of it is the best, in my humble opinion....not to mention it's performed quite frequently by orchestras. (and I enjoy the Philadelphia Orchestra's recording of it under Muti)

But what of Dave's Mahler collection? Let's hear about that! ;-)

Pictures is certainly a piece worthy of many arrangements, and of collecting them. I've started this undertaking myself, though I've only heard 3 at this point.

Ravel's is excellent, Chantal, but I'm inclined to like Stokowski's better--it's sturdier and more "Russian," and "The Great Gate of Kiev" is just incredible.

'Course, I haven't yet heard David's arrangement for rock band, or for glass harmonica quartet, or for ocarina trio...

I wanna hear it on the kazoo...


Indeed, Stokowski's is great. Many of his arrangements are splendid.

Archie, I'm thinking of Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks (a movement of the work) on kazoo, and I keep laughing. Good call!!!

"factotums"? "I do not think that word means what he thinks it means." ;-)

You're right, most esteemed Valerie. I've changed it.

Friendly neighborhood editorial factotum at your service, sir! ;-)

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