Lucas Weeks on AIDS in Africa, particularly Uganda...

(Tim) Four years ago, Lucas Weeks wrote a paper on AIDS in Africa for a class he was taking at Indiana University. He focused particularly on the politicization of the issue and some of the success one nation, Uganda, had achieved in protecting the public health of her citizens. But of course no one wanted to know about the reason for Uganda's success because it demonstrated the immutable glory of God's Law.

Recent crud on Her.minutiae prompts me to make Lucas' paper available here for any interested in this issue. Lucas' parents are lifelong missionaries to Africa, focusing particularly on the same country his grandparents served as missionaries which in the past has been known as Congo or Zaire, but now is called the Democratic Republic of Congo.

To Mary Lee's and my joy, Lucas is now our son-in-law, married to our youngest daughter, Hannah. Currently a second-year student at ClearNote Pastors College, I hope you enjoy his paper. As you read, please keep in mind Lucas wrote this back in 2005.


Thanks Lucas for that awesome paper!

Dumping condoms on Africa is imperialism in its worst form. It is forcing failed western ideology on a continent already in peril. The worst thing we can give to Africa is the idealism of the 60's sexual revolution; the falsehood that they can continue in their promiscuity but now without consequence. What LaVonne of the crud article doesn't seem to understand is that condoms DON'T protect women and children from AIDS! They make it worse. The only program that has reduced AIDS is the abstinence/faithfulness program used in a section of Uganda.

Tim and Lucas,

Thank you both so much for this. One thing I find curious is that the AIDS charity her.whatever insists on using as their primary authority is one I have never heard of. Nor has anyone else I know heard of this charity?

Lucas, have you heard of them? I'd rather not publicize their name again so you are welcome to email me.


Great paper.

Thanks for psting it.

Tim and lucas

awesome paper with great info:-P

what made you decide to post such a great paper?

what did you hope would come as a result of it?

Because we care much about Africa, AIDS, widows, and orphans. Our son, Joseph, and his wife, Heidi, are in Ethiopia just now picking up our second grandson from Africa. And Lucas and Hannah's children will be this child, Tate's, cousins.

But beyond that, to repent of the US promotion of condoms as the solution to anything.


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