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(David) If you're a bicyclist interested in ways to record your rides, I've become the fan of two little methods of ride tracking. The first is a manual-entry Excel spreadsheet called Prolog available in free and paid versions ($10 for a first-time user, $5/year upgrade thereafter). Prolog allows entry of a rich variety of ride details and tracks averages on a monthly and yearly basis. I've tried a variety of programs specifically dedicated to ride-tracking and few come close in cost or features to this little gem. The developer is exceptionally dedicated to improving the sheet and seems to release updates weekly.

Second, there's a great little program for those using Windows Mobile phones with satellite GPS out of Germany called Run.GPS Trainer which not only automatically tracks your rides (or runs if you're running--in fact any sport involving speed and distance), but uploads each session to a website where your rides are permanently recorded for free.

Among the fun features of this $34 program are the ability to use the program for real-time tracking (if you have web access on your device) and the upload site where you can compare your activity with thousands of users around the world--even tracking each individual ride in movie mode on Google Earth if you have it installed on your computer. The only slight negative with this program is that the vast majority of users are European, making it difficult to compare your routes with others near you in the States.

Here's a sample ride record from the GPS.Net web site--the record of an out-and-back ride I did while Isaiah was at baseball practice yesterday.



Have you heard of or used the website ?

I've found it helpful for tracking my riding


Yes, I used it before switching to Run.GPS. It worked fairly well, but it didn't do the automatic mapping and entry that I wanted. Run.GPS records and uploads with only the press of two keys on my phone.

Thanks for the suggestion, though. It is a good site.


Pretty nice. I just turned back into a biker this weekend when I bought a bike. I used to bike all the time in college and loved it. We will see if it sticks... =)

Back when my wife and I used to enjoy bike riding, she had a birthday party for her odometer when it turned 1,000.

Today we never do, partly becuase we can't find well-made bikes and our are broken too often to get into the habit but I guess it's also not been a priority.

Is it my imagination or are bikes made way more cheaply these days?


I suspect it depends on the price;-)

I've got a Trek road bike and it wallops the pants off the Raleigh Super Course I bought in the mid-70s. But, for the $40 price of my 1970 Schwinn, even updated for inflation, there's nothing out there. You'd have to spend $400 to match it.

Yours in Christ,


Another site to check out is if you haven't already. You can make your tracks public or private there, and personalize them with photos and video if you like.

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