Christianity Yesterday, in numbers too small to be noticed...

(Tim) With the spirit of the prophetesses who preceded them, daughters of Sarah working out of the offices of Christianity Yesterday in Wheaton, Illinois have founded a new blog for women titled Adam's.helper.

Demonstrating a lineage flowing down from the Blessed Virgin Mary, the blog's Mission Statement gives hope for a prophetic witness perfectly contextualized to speak to a world that has repudiated all things womanly, motherly, feminine, modest, and chaste...

Adam's.helper is the Christianity Yesterday blog for women, providing news and Scriptural analysis for Christian women. We cover news stories, ideas, and books related to the church's mission in the world, including mercy and evangelism, childbearing and sexual purity, international submission and love in marriage, motherhood, and singleness.

Readers may expect a consistently Biblical critique of popular culture, fashion trends, health fads, and the abuse of the female body in marketing and entertainment. We will publish practical Scriptural wisdom on raising daughters and will call women in the church and parachurch to flee the egalitarian spirit of the age by delighting in the subordinate position our Heavenly Father has granted us.

The founding editors of Adam's.helper point to the blogs As Thy Days, Ladies Against Feminism, Feminina, and The Brave Lass as their inspiration for this new work.


Not quite on topic, but you might be interested that I saw in World magazine that Calvin College has just hired Mary Hulst, the first CF female minister, as its chaplain.

Although I am still a relatively new Christian, the simplicity of understanding found in scripture regarding Biblical Sexuality, from the home to the church seems so plain, I respect your ability to speak where the Church is under attack, and pray for a realization to see the Bible plainly for how God would have us live. Thanks for your truth fighting.

"Since a couple sisters have been having trouble understanding the significance of the words used by Her.meneutics, I posted their mission statement again, but this time as it would have been written in the old days, by women knowledgeable and pious in the Word of God. Further discussion will be carried on there."

Tim~ This sister is not "having trouble" understanding" one bit....I'm just disagreeing with you. The fact that you are so pompous that you think anyone that disagrees with you is not "knowledgeable" or "pious in the Word of God"....that's just flat out scary...for you. You are writing about this in such a condescending manner. It comes across as very self-righteous. I think it reveals your heart and character. I'm not your judge. But Brother. I think you should examine your heart, because if I were you, I wouldn't want to defend your attitudes to the one that does judge every word.

Dear Sylvia,

You have misconstrued my words. But I think it best we move on...

Warmly in Christ,

As a graduate of Calvin College that makes me sad but I'm not surprised.


I know you want to move on, but I hope you won't mind if I make one last comment about the use of language and words. It's not directly about the use of words over at Her.meneutics - but I think it shows there can be little doubt that you are right about what their careful language means.

Tonight, taking the suggestion of a friend that it might be a good idea to do some digging and expose some of their sources, I did come home from work and do some of that digging. Perhaps I shouldn't use the word "expose" though. Let's just say that it is crystal clear that the bloggers over there either don't know what they are directing their readers to -- or -- they don't give a rat's whisker about any of those virtues such as modesty, chastity and humility that you might learn about from reading Adam's.helper.


Kamilla and others:

What is the URL for the Adam's.Helper blog? In this thread the links for the phrase "Adam's.helper" all point to a 2006 post on this blog. Two Google searches for "Adam's.helper" and the exact phrase "Christianity Yesterday". The only hit that had useful information was a link back to here.



Sue-it's a parody. It doesn't really exist but I would definitely read it if it did.

Duh ... Thanks, Mary. I was working on our taxes when I hunted for the URL and just couldn't get the joke when I was having the time of my life (NOT!).


Sylvia and others might want to reconsider their disagreement in light of her.whatever's tolerance of vile name-calling and the cheer-fest for pagan blasphemies they are now hosting:


Maybe a quick switch to Paganism Today would fix things...

Years late again to comment-- : ) -- but I now have the 'Adamshelper' domains (com, org, net) if some ladies out there are ever interested in a cooperative endeavor (between ladies, I don't know that I am qualified to do more than point) like this. (So I don't necessarily plan on doing much myself, I am not an aged woman commanded to teach the youthful...but thought it might be worth grabbing. Similarly why I have bibliatheologica domains though I am working on things for those--slowly and carefully, doing prerequisite work first). Sorry, but vetting by the Bayly brothers, given their inspiration, and some kind of accountability to oversight by faithful churches and women, will be necessary for me to turn and point the adamshelper domains to a given resource. As for men ballsy enough to write on these things for the whole world to see, you guys might also like Michael Marlowe over here, whose whole site is interesting and useful, also has a blog,

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