"Wake Up Sleeper" release concert...

GsbBanner (Tim) Tonight, March 27th, is our first opportunity to hear The Good Shepherd Band play songs from their recently released EP, Wake Up Sleeper. The free concert starts this evening at 8 PM, at Church of the Good Shepherd. Opening for them will be The Runaway Davids from Nashville, TN. If you haven’t downloaded Wake Up Sleeper, yet, do it now.

And those of you looking forward to getting your hands on the Wake Up Sleeper CD, they'll be available at the concert tonight.

So, if you're in Bloomington or close enough to drive, invite your friends and come on over. We’d love to have you.



Now all I hve to do is find someone to work for me this evening, find a cheap plane ticket that will get me to Indy in time to hopefully hitch a ride with Chantal and I am so there!

I'll be with you all in spirit.


Emily and I are looking forward to seeing and hearing the CGS family tonight!

And we're looking forward to having you and Em with us, Michael.

Sorry you can't be here, Kamilla.

Alas Kamilla, I'm missing the concert as well! I have a dress rehearsal tonight for a regional orchestra I play with regularly. We're not allowed to miss this rehearsal either.

Sniff sniff..... :-(

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