Gratitude for recent comments made here by our wives and daughters...

(Tim) Robert Louis Stevenson wrote, "The cruelest lies are often told in silence," and as I noted a week or so ago, it's been interesting to watch how the recent post about Emergency Contraception (sic) Pills, birth control, and abortion has been carefully avoided by men, but embraced by women. There are lessons here, one of which I think is that pastors today are about as concerned about the blood guilt of our sheep as the chief priests and elders were about the blood guilt of Judas when he came to them in anguish, confessing...

"I have sinned by betraying innocent blood.”

The shepherds responded to Judas, saying: “What is that to us? See to that yourself!”

If I didn't already know how resistant--often principled, even, in that resistance--pastors are to using the pulpit to care for sheep who have killed their unborn children or are thinking about doing so, the comments made under this post make the point yet again.

On the other hand, there are Titus 2 women who aren't avoiding warning against this great evil.

Among Biblical women who love the Lord, Ladies Against Feminism is well-known and read, and I've been greatly encouraged to see many readers coming to the post from that site. But more, I've been even more encouraged by the godly comments those women have been making under the post. Their words have strengthened my faith. What wonderful wives and sisters and mothers God has given us! Check out the comments yourself--especially the second page.


Since you linked to a post on this site on Tim Keller to illustrate pastors not preaching against abortion from the pulpit, I thought I'd provide a link from this site to an excerpt from one of Pastor Keller's recent sermons where he clearly and specifically denounces abortion - basically taking 1/3 of a sermon to do so. It would seem he's not so "resistant" after all, at least according to one of your posts. How do you know Reformed pastors are so resistant to fighting abortion from the pulpit? I'm just curious where you get the data to make such a statement...

Dear Mason,

We've already provided a link to that sermon by Tim Keller some time ago. You'd find it quite instructive, I'm sure, to go and read the comments. At best, it was a weak effort.

But keep in mind that it's Tim Keller himself who argues against preaching on abortion, so this sermon is his own exception to his rule. I've simply responded to his arguments.

Warmly in Christ,

Pastor Bayly,

Thanks for your response.

How do you define "weak effort?" What constitutes a strong effort and what constitutes a weak effort in any sermon, much less when preaching against abortion?

Pastor Keller never "argues against preaching on abortion." Here is his exact quote:

"We will be careful with the order in which

we communicate the parts of the faith.

Pushing moral behaviors before we lift up

Christ is religion."

What's your objection to that quote? Isn't a Christ-centered sermon the ideal?

And my main point still stands - what information, data, polls, etc. do you have to support your claim that pastors are "resistant" to use the pulpit to preach against abortion?

Dear Mason,

We've already discussed that sermon and I trust you'll find the comments as helpful as I did. That's my response to your question concerning how one would define "weak."

Concerning Tim Keller's opposition to preaching about abortion, it goes much deeper than the small quote you pulled. I commend my post on that subject, along with the many comments adding to the post, for a fuller treatment of the issue.

So you can see that I'm not willing to rehash issues you can read about at length here in prior posts and comments.

Then, you ask what my basis is for saying pastors don't preach about gap issues, and particularly abortion?

Well, for starters, I've had (and have) parishioners in the church Keller serves for many years, now, and through the years have consistently heard from them that Tim avoids preaching on abortion and almost any other gap issue. But in this, Tim is only representative of most of his peers.

So again, you say, how do I know? Do I have "information, data, polls" or statistics to support my concern?

No, I don't have polls and statistics to prove it. Unless, of course, one were to accept the statistics of number of babies slaughtered in this nation each year, a prevalence rate among women of childbearing age in the 40-50 percent range, and the majority of Americans claiming evangelical Christian faith as proof.

On the other hand, again, you could spend time reading this blog and find the theme over and over again in our comments. Pastors and people alike claim to be what they call "pro-life," but the slaughter continues day after day, year after year, decade after decade. And the constant tesimony on this blog is that people's churches and pastors are silent. Why, read the recent post on ECPs and you'll see similar testimony from one woman whose father was, himself, her pastor.

Again, though, please read the previous posts dealing with your questions, as well as the excellent comments below them.

* * *

But remember? This post has a different subject, which is gratitude for godly wives and mothers who are willing to give themselves to the concrete acts of holiness that God commends in His Word.

Let's put our attention there, OK?

Any nominations for Baylyblog woman of the year?

Love in Christ,

How many nominations do I get? You don't really think we can pick one, do you?


As I've said to Mr. Mason in an e-mail, he is free to post comments under the posts he is responding to above. That's where his questions were engaged and where I have directed him several times, now. Those reading his comments will be able to read other comments, there, and to see how people have dealt with the arguments he's making.

The text of his comment has been returned to him for reposting there, if he wishes.

I felt encouraged as I read the blog responses to the ECP blog. It seemed to me that both men and women were responding. Actually after I went back and counted there were a total of 13 different men and 9 different women who wrote on the blog (before todays postings). It is encouraging to see men responding because so much of what my husband hears when we are down at Planned Parenthood is women telling him that he has no right to say anything about abortion because he is a man. I am thankful that this does not stop him from speaking and calling women to repentance, but that must be pretty intimidating to be told constantly that this is a woman's issue. Clint recently told a group of pro-lifers that men need to get more involved in the pro-life movement and we need men to stand in the gap and speak up against abortion because often it is the women who are most involved. So, what I am saying is that I was encouraged because I felt there were quite a few men who responded to the ECP blog, not just women.


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