Apple's sneaky anti-competitive measures...

(Tim) Son Joseph sends this link and comments: "Apple = infuriating and inexcusable, honestly." He's quite right. The new iPod Suffle is sneakily protected by hardware DRM. EFF puts it this way: "an inventory of Apple's remaining DRM armory makes it vividly clear that DRM almost always about eliminating legitimate competition, hobbling interoperability, and creating de facto technology monopolies." Then follows a list of Apple's dirty tricks.

A similar irritation to me is that now, some years after Apple introduced the magnetic power cord connector  called MagSafe to its laptops, there's still no...

DC converter allowing Apple laptops to be plugged into a car's lighter. And Apple refuses to grant a license for third parties to develop one, threatening legal action for anyone who tries to incorporate a MagSafe adapter in any DC solution they're wanting to sell. Thus this sort of ridiculous workaround for sale online.

So, for years now, I've been lugging a large inverter around in my car. It had to be very large because... of the huge demands for watts made by my old MacBook Pro. The Alum MacBook I use now doesn't require as much power, but I already own the inverter. (Actually, inverters, since one only works sporadically and I bought a second one for this contingency.)

Charging the computer in the car, there are cords akimbo and boxes with whirring fans inside and this plugged into that--it's a mess.

If Apple isn't going to issue an adapter, they should have released third party developers to do it for them. Long ago. But they haven't.

Well, like IBM and Microsoft, Apple will learn that consumers get it. A company's culture can't be hidden and consumers are not dumb forever.



In case anyone is wondering...

How to hack and replace the new shuffle's headphones:

This is the sort of stuff Apple's been doing for years. So is 1984 like 1984? Well, maybe 2009 is like 1984.

That sounds like our car setup. What a mess! Then there's the fact that I've had to replace my MagSafe TWICE in the last year. I wish I didn't like my Mac so much!

But, but,'s so ... shiny!


Have a great Lord's Day tomorrow!

Oh, how the oppressed has become the oppressor!

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