Tony Dungy's gone...

(Tim, w/thanks to Taylor) Honestly, we've had so many reasons to love this guy over the years. And what a witness he's been to our Lord Jesus! We'll miss him.



Yep, Tony has been a faithful witness for Christ in a city that needs to see it. Even amidst the insane economy of pro sports, Dungy was refreshing.

Dan Wetzel's Yahoo article on Tony’s legacy is a good read on TD’s impact. However, Wetzel assigns (unsurprisingly) the "mandatory appeasement" label of gay basher to Dungy. A blink later Dan promptly returns to praise Tony for his noticeable compassion to others, with no shortage of examples. A lot of minds have no category for a man being opposed to homosexual sins, while possessing a gentleness that’s evident to all. I didn’t expect Dan to connect those dots (as each child of God should), but it is less ink and basic duh sense to unite these two features of TD's life, rather than explaining one as an incomprehensible & embarrassing deficiency.

Tony Dungy has been a breath of fresh air in the NFL and in Indiana. I am eager to see how God uses him in the future.

Dear REM,

I am an associate pastor, serving under Tim Bayly here at Church of the Good Shepherd in Bloomington. Seeing that you live in Indy, I would like to contact you with a question. Would you please email me at j.stephenbaker at gmail dot com?


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