The normal Christian life...

(Tim, w/thanks to Kamilla) You could fill railroad tank cars with the ink spilled on the issue of homosexuality and the church in the past few years. None of it would come close to addressing the subject as well as this meek and humble confession of past sin and present temptation, followed by wise pastoral exhortations. It's titled, "The Celibate Homosexual," and it was posted by Ed Pacht on his blog, POETREADER.

Over the years within our fellowship...

we have had many brothers and sisters in Christ with the same history and present temptations as Pastor Pacht. They are loved just as those of us who fight against the temptations of gossip, greed, envy, pornography, rebellion, and anger are loved.

Really, there's no need for anything more sophisticated or lengthy than this to answer all the propaganda of the self-affirming sodomites, Emergelicals, and liberals combined. Brother Pacht has hit a Gospel preaching biblical home run. God bless him!


Great article, I have had Christian friends who called church a haven. I had a conversation with them this week saying that that's like men in a war who after healing, refusing to leave the front-line hospital to go out and fight the battle (and also to refuse to free up beds so that the sick can get aid).

Church should be a haven but not a place to hide from the world. In fact, the hardest things I've ever done have been in the church, the world is easy - like falling off a log, into molten lava.

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