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BibleTouch (Tim, w/thanks to Lillis) Although for myself, I'll be waiting for a good tethering solution before I use an iPhone, many of you already have them and I wanted to pass on some information about a new Bible that's been produced for it. It's called Bible Touch and it runs on the iPhone and iPod Touch--not over the network. So you don't need internet access to run it.

It's encouraging they've only released it with true translations so far, and not the neutered non-Bibles known, for instance, as the TNIV and the NLT.

Here's the (sort of) press release...

From: Don Shin (e-mail is don dot shin at crosscomm dot net)
Subject: CrossComm released a Bible App for iPhone and iPod Touch!
Brothers, Sisters, Old Friends and Family,

Happy New Year!!! I trust and hope that you are all doing well!

I want to let you all know that my company, CrossComm (which has been recently building iPhone apps for organizations like Citysearch and SciFi) has recently released an app called Bible Touch for the iPhone and iPod Touch! This app allows the user to read the full bible on the iPhone without the need for an Internet connection, and bookmark favorite passages and do keyword searches as well.

Bible Touch is available in four translation editions, each for $9.99: NASB, ESV, LBLA, and NBLH (the latter two are Spanish translations). While $9.99 is a bit pricey to be asking all my friends to buy a copy, I would like to encourage any of you who are iPhone or iPod Touch users to take a look at the apps and see if they may help you in your study of the Word on the go! Or if you have any friends that have an iPhone or iPod Touch and feel that they could use a portable Bible, please forward the info URL below to them.

For more information.

Feel free to blog about it! And if you purchase the app and Bible Touch has been helpful to you, please post a positive review of the app on the ITunes App Store.

Thanks again for your time- please spread the word, and have a Blessed New Year in 2009!

With Love,

P.S. - if you are interested in another translation (e.g. NIV), please let me know; we're gauging interest in publishing other translations as well.



I am using Youversion ( It works on an iPhone, and also has a mobile version to work on other smartphones as well.

I know it requires an "internet connection" but when any cell connection works, I don't think it is a problem. There are many versions, including the ESV. If you are a KJV or NKJV person (both of which I would rather read than NASB) you can download them right to your iPhone and use them when internet-less.

I also like that it has a daily Bible reading plan built in if you want to use it. You should check it out.

Dear Fred,

Thank you for the info which readers will find helpful, I'm sure. Likely I shouldn't have made any suggestions about the iPhone since I've never used one, right?

You prefer the KJV to the NASB? Oh yes, I wiggle with anticipation when I get within a few pages of "superfluity of naughtiness." And that's just the beginning--time doesn't permit me to mention a host of other equally felicitous constructions.

The thing I like about the NASB (which I use exclusively) is the complete absence of any tip of the hat to the new feminist constitution. Sadly, the ESV found it hard not to wink at some of the pressures, and cave on a few.

Then too, the way the NASB reads is so natural, whereas the ESV gives the feel and sound of a locomotive taking the slack out of the couplers of one hundred car carriers. Bang! Bang! Screech! Squeal! Clack! Bang/bang/bang/bang/bang!

There out to be a law against such noise being allowed into a sanctuary.

Um, in terms of pandering to "feminist language" what is the house view here as to the NIV proper? And do people feel that it uses just a little too much paraphrase?

Dear Tim,

I must admit that I love to hear that phrase ("superfluity of naughtiness") as well as James 3:4 ("withersoever the governor listeth") read by Alexander Scourby. Like honey to the ear!

I have found the NKJV to be a good compromise, keeping much of the majestic language of the KJV, without the off-putting (to many) thees, thous and -ths. At Christ Church, we use the ESV for practical reasons: it is becoming the default PCA version (as CEP and others run from the NIV), it has some of the language of the KJV, and Crossway makes a variety of decently bound Bibles. My Nelson manufactured NKJVs were falling apart at an alarming rate.

I must admit, that I am puzzled by your clanging reference! :) For my the sound of an NASB being read is like fingernails on a chalkboard, or (as I usually put it) listening to Yoda speak "good, the Bible is, for your spirit." There is absolutely no melody to the NASB. It is like metal functional artwork. Efficient, but with no beauty or grace.


> For my the sound of an NASB

Well, there you have it. I wouldn't expect otherwise from such an illiterate.

For my the sound of a ESV (if you know what my mean).


Got me!

Back to spending time with "me lovely wife."

Have a blessed Lord's day, brother.

I bought the Bible Touch for my iPod Touch. What a deal! A very good product. If I didn't know better I'd think Apple made it! It works well with the Touch interface. Thanks for the tip!

At my Anglican church, our rector and one of our associate pastors (both priests) are both Mac fanatics. The rector's home e-mail address even has a domain. I'd be shocked if they both haven't looked into Bible Touch already, but I'm not sure whether they'd hold out for different Bible translations to become available or not. I know that both of them, as well as our deacon, all use many translations for study, but we use the NRSV for services.

Sheesh. And I just got my new Blackberry Storm yesterday. Guess I'm outta luck.

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