Moving cross country at 104, ear piercing at 91...

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(Tim) Mary Lee, Taylor, and I just returned from a sweet visit to visit Mom Taylor in Wheaton. Last year was the first year we'd missed Christmas with her and the rest of the Taylor clan since some time before we were married. We stayed home with Aunt Elaine as she walked through the valley of the shadow of death, passing into the presence of the Lord one year ago, yesterday.

So this year we returned to Wheaton, and to Mom Taylor who has been a steady and godly influence over us and our children for half a century, now. The hard core traditions include lots of Christmas cookies, turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatos, the once-per-year bowling outing Christmas day or the day after, gifts, quiet reading in the family room, tons of toast late at night (especially), and Scrabble. The family's always been Scrabble mad, but I never play. Being from Philadelphia, I prefer scrapple.

Well, this was simply a preface to the two really important pieces of news from the Taylor clan this year...

First, Mom's stepmother (our Grandmother), Edna West, turned 104 this past year and celebrated the occasion by moving from her longtime home in California to Texas. She's said to have been hankering after a chance to put down new roots for several years, now. Joke.

Not to be outdown and feeling her oats at 91 years young, Mom Taylor just pierced her ears! We asked her if she was planning a few tattoos, next? She said not.

We praise God for these Godly women He has given us, our children and grandchildren, to lead us back to godly femininity and womanhood. Mothers in Israel, we rise up and called them "blessed."