Good Apple parody...

(Tim) Not sure how long this link will work, but until they yank the video and it breaks, check this out...

Well, it's already down, so please use this link. Thanks.



Here's a link that definitely won't get taken down if this one does...

Thanks for the link, Steve. Tim's is already unavailable.

The Simpsons rule. Thanks to that show, I can convince people that I have a sense of humor.

I probably shouldn't, but I love the Simpsons.

Moe: "[This fryer] can flash fry a buffalo in forty seconds."

Homer: "Forty seconds? Aww, but I want it NOW."

Great Post! But, I know that there are angst-filled Apple users around here. Why? Why must you apologize self-deprecatingly? We bought a Mac a few months ago and we LOVE them, no regrets. Macs are elegant, beautiful, crisp, clean, graceful, simple, and altogether lovely. Sounds Christian, or at least, christian, to me.

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