Tangled up in blue...


What a riot! It's so professionally-done, it's almost believable. Never heard of that site, but I plan on keeping up with it. I didn't know there was anything like that out there.

Wow. Everyone knows that what makes good comedy is that kernel of truth. Absolutely devastating.

Wow. Everyone knows that good comedy is good because of the kernel of truth it contains. Absolutely devastating.

The onion is very funny, but tends to be raunchy and left leaning. Enter that site with extreme caution.

Okay, Brett, thanks -- It didn't look as bad as SNL, but I quickly saw it isn't the right wing site I originally was expecting.

Yeah, The Onion isn't conservative, they just make fun of anything that is easy to make fun of and this is a good example.

Here in Portland, OR this video rings very true. Also, most people here will find their lives meaningless because they can no wake up every morning inspired to hate George W. Bush which makes life worth living for them since they seem to think of nothing else.

Yah, some of those onion news clips are halarious, but they do get pretty nasty if you're not careful. Use caution, and the exit key!

Here's a good one though:


haha...hahmmmm snort

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