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(Tim) Writing as a pastor concerning his own nation's election of a new president several weeks ago, Brother Conrad Mbewe of Lusaka, Zambia, says precisely what ought to be said today to Christians in these United States as we look at God's choice of Barack Obama to lead us. I hope you'll read it.


You will often find meaning to God’s acts in history by looking at the state of the church at that time.

As the church goes, so goes the nation. The problem is not out there. The problem is in the mirror.

Hi Tim

From some of the analysis I have read, it appears to me that McCain/Palin could well have won if it were not for the economic crisis that appeared "out of nowhere" to expose the weakness of McCain's lack of platform/policies/expertise on the economy. That is not to say that Obama's was better! Rather, both candidates being relatively equal here, the issue became change, hope, fresh face, etc., instead of experience, steadiness, resolve, etc.

Pastor Mbewe says: "God is totally sovereign in this matter. He does not only choose the godly but even the ungodly in order to achieve his purpose at that time in history."

I agree.

It seems to me that the economic crisis appearing "out of nowhere", just at the time it did (it could have waited a month or two...), came for a reason. It seems to me that the reason is that God intended for the result we got.

So... blessed be the name of the Lord, and may this serve only as a motivation for the church to assess itself, to shake off its sins, and to call the nation and the world to revival.


Don Johnson

Jer 33.3

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