Mayor Villaraigosa, Jesus, and tolerance...

(Tim, w/thanks to Jeff) A year ago, the New Yorker ran a profile of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa titled, "Fault Lines." It wasn't flattering. Tom Hayden summed up Mayor Villaraigosa's politics: "Antonio’s pattern is to leave people in the dust." (Hayden protests the context, but not the content of this quote.)

Shortly after being elected Speaker of California's Assembly, Villaraigosa told the Democratic caucus the sad story of his childhood. Mayor Villaraigosa proudly reported to the New Yorker that when the story was over, “There were a lot of people crying. ...Then the most beautiful thing happened—somebody said, ‘Let’s pray.’ And all of us got each other’s hands, and we prayed. It was a very powerful thing.”

More recently Villaraigosa has been opposing Proposition 8. Last Saturday at a City Hall protest attacking the citizens of California for passing Proposition 8, Mayor Villaraigosa gave the same religious stump speech we've heard from Rob Bell, Brian McClaren...

and Barack Obama:

(I)n the eyes of the law and in the eyes of God, thou shalt not discriminate. You know, I didn't live--and neither, none of us did--during the time of Jesus. But I like to believe that the Jesus I love, the Jesus I pray to, didn't just talk about being a shepherd. He knew that the role of the shepherd was to bring the flock in--all of the flock, every one of us.

There you have it. The Emergent Church's Fourth Commandment: Thou shalt not discriminate.

Their first? "I am the lord your god who has brought you out of the land of spiritual bondage, ignorance, and dogmatism. Look to me for your salvation."

Their second? "Dude, it's all about images. What else is there?"

Their third? "Never stop taking God's Name in vain."


The Fourth is

Honor Thy Father and Father that it might be well with you

The best article I have read about gay marriage is called The Tyranny of the Minority: How the Forced Recognition of Same-Sex “Marriage” Undermines a Free Society

I would like to hear a response to this from the Emergent crowd.

Gist of the article:

"No laws prevent these churches from conducting marriage ceremonies—and nearly all Americans would agree that it is right for the government to stay out of a church’s decision on the issue. Further, any couple of any kind may stand before a gathering of well-wishers and pledge their union to each other, and the law will do nothing to prevent them. Same-sex couples, or any other combination of people, animals, and inanimate objects, can and do “marry” in this way. What the law in most states currently does not do, however, is force third parties—individuals, businesses, institutions, and so on—to recognize these “marriages” and treat them as if they were exactly the same as traditional marriages. Nor does it forbid anyone to do."

Statistically speaking, cohabiting couples are less stable than married couples and homosexual couples are less stable than heterosexual couples. A business should have the right take into consideration the employee's lifestyle decisions when it comes to benefits, etc. without having a law that tells him he must be blind to the statistics and give identical legal privileges to all different types of couples.

Common sense, even in California.

A well-written article worth reading.

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