Haleigh Poutre escapes judicial murder...

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(Tim, w/thanks to Kamilla) In a case similar to those of Terry Schiavo and Lauren Richardson, a young girl living in Massachusetts named Haleigh Poutre was approaching her own judicial murder with little reason for hope. But things are differenty, now. Michelle Malkin puts it just right...

Almost three years ago, I started blogging about beautiful Haleigh Poutre. She’s the miracle child who was nearly beaten to death by her barbaric stepfather. Hooked to a ventilator in a comatose state, she was then nearly condemned

to death by Massachusetts medical experts and the state’s criminally

negligent child welfare bureaucracy, which hastily declared her to be

in a hopeless vegetative state and wanted to pull the plug on her life... Her

plight brought end-of-life issues again to the fore — issues that so

many on both the left and right would prefer to ignore.

The girl the state of Massachusetts wanted to remove from life support is now writing her name, brushing her own hair, and feeding herself. Watch this, pass it on, and let it be a permanent warning against blind trust in the deadly duo of Big Nanny and Big Medicine...