The collision between sodomites and the Bill of Rights

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(David) If anyone is tempted to doubt that the sodomy lobby poses the gravest threat to American civil rights since Roe v Wade, consider this op-ed piece in Sunday's San Francisco Chronicle:

In the aftermath of Tuesday's vote, do gays and lesbians in California have a reason to believe that they have been abused, discriminated against and relegated to a separate-but-equal status?

Yes, and that's why this fight is far from over. There will be a challenge under the U.S. Constitution... No one can forecast the outcome of this next fight, but there is bound to be some fallout that may harm those religions that so vehemently insisted that their beliefs be placed in the California Constitution. All religions require tolerance to flourish, but in Proposition 8 some religious groups aimed at and wounded gay people in California.

Look, the religion of Christ will not be harmed by fallout from this battle. The gates of hell shall not prevail against her. But the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights is most certainly in the sodomite crosshairs.