Barack Obama rocks XXV: Predicting your vote now, right here on Baylyblog...

(Tim) I think I've come up with a sure-fire way to predict whether you'll vote for Barack Obama, tomorrow. You game? If you are, watch these video clips and circle the name of the clip you like best:

Bullhorn Guy (here's the full length version)

Bullwhip Guy

Click through to the second page for a prediction of astounding accuracy.

"Bullhorn Guy?" You're a lock for Obama.

"Bullwhip Guy?" You won't vote for Obama, and you may not vote at all.


The people who say God is not concerned with judging people wouldn't even recognize it if they were struck by lightning on a cloudless day, so no wonder they are blindly voting for their own judgement with Obama.

Vote for Democrat for peace and safety! Yeah, right.

[1 Thessalonians 5:3]

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