Barack Obama rocks XXIV: The audacity of Hell...

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(Tim) If you ask Senator Obama's supporters where he stands on an issue, their responses are all over the board. No one actually knows where he stands on anything, so his supporters are free to state his position any way they like, without fear of contradiction.

His position on the Mideast?

"Senator Obama will get our troops out of Iraq, immediately." Or, "Senator Obama will not get our troops out of Iraq at the cost of destabilization in the Mideast." Or, "Senator Obama will do what is necessary to clean up Afganistan's border with Pakistan." Or, "Senator Obama is Irael's firm champion and he will see to it that Iran does not enter the nuclear fraternity."

Who can tell what Senator Obama will do about Iraq, Iran, Afganistan, Pakistan, or Israel? All the electorate really knows is that he speaks reassuring words of peace whereas our current president and Senator McCain speak harsh words of firm resolve.

So really, what's there to think about? Obama is handsome. He's an intellectual. He has the audacity of hope. And he's really really committed to family values. That's Submergent pastor Brian McLaren's promise.

Turning aside from the snake oil and smiles, let's speak directly...

Senator Obama will stand by our families as Adolph HItler stood by the families of Germany, only worse. Hitler denied the personhood of Christians, homosexuals, and Jews, and he presided over the slaughter of ten million for the sake of the motherland.

Senator Barack Hussein Obama denies the personhood of unborn and newborn children and he will preside over the continuing slaughter of tens of millions for the sake of our motherland.

But really, worse than Hitler?

Worldwide, the number of children slaughtered with the support of the civil authority in this modern era of legalized abortion is now about one hundred times the number of souls slaughtered with the support of Hitler's Third Reich. (Ten million compared to one billion.)

So our nation is about to put a man into our imperial presidency who is wholly given over to Molech-worship. He believes in the shedding of the blood of the unborn and newborn more firmly than any candidate for the presidency ever has before him.

God, have mercy on us.