Peddling the Word of God...

For we are not like many, peddling the word of God... (2 Corinthians 2:17a)

(Tim, w/thanks to Jeff)
You couldn't make this stuff up, could you? One company's peddling an "Illuminated" Bible that "looks more like a gossip rag you'd find in a dentist's office than a Bible... (and) features intense pictures of violence and death around the world along with the people who are working to find solutions for many of today's problems."

Intense pictures of violence and death? Maybe it has color images of aborted children's body parts next to a photo of Judie Brown, Joe Schiedler, or Justices Thomas, Scalia, or Roberts?

Not missing a beat, Zondervan's released a Green Bible that "highlights more than 1,000 verses about the earth in soy-based green ink" and contains "essays by religious leaders and other resources on eco-justice." The Green Bible's editor, Michael Maudlin, reports that environmental concerns are "a big part of the Christian agenda today, especially among the youth."

Also, this: "Matthew Sleeth, a doctor who's been pushing fellow evangelicals to go green in recent years, writes in his introduction to the Green Bible that the biggest problem in the world is that the planet is dying."

Over seventy million babies slaughtered each year by medical ghouls and the mothers and fathers who paid them, but bad doctor Sleeth breathlessly reports the imminent death of the planet itself. Or maybe I should say, "the planet herself."


...and this is what happens when you have a Bible publisher that answers to stock holders looking for the almighty dollar. Did anyone NOT see this kind of thing coming when AOL Time Warner took over Zondervan?

It makes me want to vomit.

The editor of the Green Bible's last name is Maudlin? How ironic...

soy-based green ink

This must be a modern form of tithing mint and cumin [also green] to soothe one's conscience over the neglect of weightier matters of excessive consumption.

Slightly off topic. But has anyone here ever read this old book, Church of Scotland - Family Worship? (link below is to Google books)

I have looked at a bit of it and it looks great, I would like to know more about it, is it kosher? More kosher than the green Bible I am sure. Used copies of this thing run $200 + bucks. Trying to find out if it might be worth getting typeset so it could be republished.

Also, does anyone know of any Family Worship books from pre-1900's which are like this (Morning and Evening readings and devotionals for everyday of the year)?

Hoping to get lucky by asking this here. Sorry for getting off topic.

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