God has chosen the weak things of the world to shame the things that are strong...

(Tim) This is true Christian faith.


It thought perhaps I could get through it without a box of tissues this time. No way. The tears are for the beauty of this sweet little boy and the loving mom and dad who miss him greatly.

Okay, I cried through the whole thing. This is definitely the opposite of the world's wisdom.

Thank you, Tim, for sharing this. For me, who got to shepherd a nine-year old daughter over 15 months to the gate of heaven as a brain tumor slowly took her life away, I never thought I'd find anyone who could actually understand the peculiar joy that attends such a task, or the radiant pride a father or mother feels when a son or daughter revels in God's grace under trial.

After watching this video, however, I know that father's joy.

A few months after Cheska died, my wife commented "It's so bizarre. God did such a wonderful thing with Cheska, but I don't know if I can ever explain that to anyone."

She's right; it's hard to explain without coming off smaltzy, or deranged.

Eliot's father has done a wonderful job of explaining that peculiar kind of joy.

I can't see the video (shall try again later), but I do know I can't read through that little book of Francesca's poems without a box of kleenex.

I think I know how Barbara feels - just an inkling. It's something I have come to call, "terrible beauty".


We lost our first girl to Turner syndrome, very similar to Eliot's condition. It will not be the bombs or economic policies or political parties that save this country, if it is to be saved at all . . . it will be Eliot, and the parents who love him.

Sniff.....well done to this family. Well done.


Thanks for sharing the video, Tim.

I'm a puddle of tears.

Life is so precious.

Deep thanks for posting this video, Bayly Brothers.

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