Google gives in, allows religious people to use key word 'abortion'...

(Tim, w/thanks to Lucas) NYT reports that Google has finally agreed to allow religous groups to use the key word 'abortion' in their anti-abortion ads.

All along, Google had allowed doctors to use the word in ads promoting their fetal slaughterhouses, but those working to end that slaughter were rejected...

if they had faith. It took court action in the UK by the Christian Institute to force Google to reverse the policy which had rejected this ad:

UK abortion law: Key news and views on abortion law from The Christian Institute.

There's nothing quite like the tolerance of liberals, is there?


It's scary how much power Google has; in the new technological landscape, those who control search, and therefore the flow of information, shape culture in a way few have anticipated. This is especially scary given the radical leftist views of the Google Boys. I'm glad they gave in on this, and that it was reported.

Just a note that these ads most likely refer to the small sponsored link ads that appear on the right side of a Google search, as well as sometimes along the top of the page. When someone does a search on Google, these ads are delivered to the searcher when there is a keyword match, 'Abortion' in the case of this article. When there is a click on the ad, the advertiser pays on a per-click basis.

Google's "Adwords" product is the leader in pay-per-click advertising.

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Yes, these are small paid ads that appear at the side or top, as you stated, and are carefully separated from the search that pops up via page rank. The whole point of the matter is that our economy and culture are becoming increasingly about ease of access of information about products, services, and--in the case of an anti-abortionist organization--ideas. If Google allows infanticide-mongers to peddle their services as they outbid the pro-life organizations for rights to keyword searches, then sobeit, they've paid out money to protec their business interests. In this case, though, it appears that Google's people were, for a time, inserting a regulatory bias into what they normally try to keep as an open market to sell information to searchers; Google apparently didn't want a pregnant teen seeking to quietly take care of her pregnancy to have her conscience stirred up on the issue via ads for alternatives, thus giving competitive advantage to those who savage innocent life over those who seek to defend it.

The point of my entry was to inform readers of exactly what a Google ad is. Many people don't know how the Adwords system works. Note further that the NY Times article refers to a situation in the UK, not in the USA, which may never have had the same restrictions. I did a search for abortion on Google this morning and found at least one abortion alternative pay per click ad.

Hi Todd,

Thanks for this. I had never given much thought to those ads - try to ignore most advertising on principle, actually. But I hadn't thought that Google would put such restrictions on anywhere. It seems rather silly to censor ads when that's what is funding you paycheck.


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